“Speaking From A Pets Perspective…”


Did you know your pet has his or her own personality?

Some are really friendly and warm. While others are shy and don’t like to be around a lot of people. I know I feel safest when it’s quiet and I’m with my mom and family at home.

Some pets, like to be held and touched. While some don’t like to be picked up, or held long. It’s so important to know your pet’s personality, likes and dislikes. They’re a part of your family. The more you know and observe them, the better everyone will get along.

Whatever, kind of personality your pet has. The thing we all have in common is we want and need love and respect. We all want to feel safe and secure. Having a place where we belong.

All pet’s need to have things that are their very own. Like, their water and food bowls, a favorite toy, or a pillow, or bed. What does your pet have that’s just for them to feel special?

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