“Let Music Set The Mood For Your Pet…”




Did you know your pets enjoy music? Well they do!!!!!!!!

You can create an environment for your furry loved one with musical selections that will relax them while you’re at home, or especially when you leave. I know I have my favorite selections of music.

Many studies have shown when a beloved family member leaves it creates anxiety in your pet. Which could result in bad behavior (nobody wants that).

To avoid this a nice selection of jazz, classical or nature sounds, creates a peaceful, nurturing, calm environment so your pet can relax until you return.

Your pet is unique, and has their own taste in music. It’s good to try out a few genres to see what we like.

A music genre to avoid is heavy metal, or anything that is loud and drum based.

This usually will cause aggression and put us ill at ease. You’ll observe us pacing back and forth, whining and soon quickly exiting the room.

To help avoid separation anxiety, soothing musical mixes automatically lower your pets blood pressure and heartbeat so a tranquil mood is the result.

Not only is playing soothing music excellent for us when you’re away from home. Car rides are a awesome example as well.

Ever ride with us in a car and a ambulance, or fire truck goes by?

Not only is this unpleasant for you, but our ears are w – a- y more sensitive than yours and it HURTS!!!

Remember when playing our soothing selection of music keep the volume on the LOW SIDE. We recommend either SOFT Jazz or SOFT Classical.

You’ll find especially if you do this before leaving the house. When you return you’ll find us purring, or wagging our tail totally content.

Without anything in the house that’s chewed or ripped to shreds. Anyway you cut it you can’t go wrong with that.

Your pet is always there for you, being loyal and unconditionally loving. It’s time you give something to keep them happy, balanced and content.


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