“Snackin… A Bite Size Piece Of Heaven”

“Yep folks that’s me Beijo! As far as snacking goes, I don’t know anyone… human or animal who doesn’t enjoy indulging now and again. We all love it and we all have to use self control or things will get out of hand.

For us pets a snack is a little reward we look forward to. Just the thought of it makes our eyes glaze over and hearts beat faster.

You’ll see us jumping up and down, or pacing back and forth with whining, meowing, barking… and yes our cutest face possible to melt you down to the ground.

Anything to persuade you to fork over a little piece of heaven. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! I can almost taste it now”.

Snacks can be used as a reward system for a job well done. When done this way we are assured that you’re pleased with us and our performance.

Mainly they’re used as a tool to encourage training. Be consistent here, only give a treat when we have done what you’ve asked.

That way the communication is clear for everyone and you’ll get better results from us.

“Don’t get me wrong here, snacks are a great way to tell your furry family member that you love them. Like when you come home from a long trip, or holidays.

“I know when I smell all the delicious food cooking at Thanksgiving or Christmas I’m just dying to get a taste.”

“My mom always saves a little turkey or chicken ( I l-o-v-e chicken ) for me so I can enjoy and participate in the holiday with everyone.”

They’re all different kinds of treats, some are calming. “I have a special cabinet where my mom keeps mine.”

“Whenever I have a high anxiety moment ( such as the 4th of July, MAN I CAN’T STAND FIRECRACKERS!!!! ) She makes sure to give me one so I can relax, sometimes I just sleep right through it”.

“One of my favorite snack times is tuna day! That’s when my dad and I share the tasty treat. I have my own snack bowl where he puts a little in for me.”

It always amazes him how I can tell that can from every other one. “I mean I know it’s tuna before he even opens it… I’m Amazing!!!!

Snacks are great! Just make sure to monitor how many times we get them, and please use portion control.

Lovin in the tummy is great but not on the scale. Snacks are the main culprit for overweight issues with pets.

Some of my favorite snacks are Tuna, Salmon, Chicken, Tastations – Roasted chicken flavor w/ chlorophyll ( for my white teeth and fresh breath ).

What’s your favorite treat to give your furry family member? We’d love to know.

Until next time enjoy life to the fullest!!! I know I will. REMEMBER PETS RULE!

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