Honoring The Remembrance Of 9/11 And Your Pet


In honor of 9/11 Beijo’s Corner wanted to pay respect to all those that lost their lives, and love ones who survived both human and animal.

I don’t know anyone who wasn’t personally affected by this awful tragedy in our country. We all have specific stories of where we were and what we were doing when this occurred.

This article is written today in remembrance of all our furry four legged friends along with firefighters and policemen.

While our human civil servants became heroes that day, we must not forget the four legged heroes who played a part along side of them.

The search and rescue dogs, or S.A.R. dogs were in charge of finding any lost or trapped victims, as well as recovering any bodies from the disaster.

Not to mention the Veterinary Medical Assistance Team ( V.M.A.T. ) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency ( F.E.M.A. ) Search and Rescue dogs.

A lesser known ally that worked along side by side with the furry rescuers the Suffolk County S.P.C.A. ( S.C.S.P.C.A. ) who went straight into the disaster site, helping the S.A.R. dogs find missing and trapped people and pets.

This independent all – volunteer group also spent eight weeks searching for and treating any pets that may have been hurt and lost in the attacks, along with reuniting them with their human parents.

Some services provided by the S.C.S.P.CA. were water and food, booties to protect paws and medications for burning and itching from smoke and debris.

May God Abundantly Bless You Guys!!!! We totally respect and honor you all!!!

So… What do you do when a disaster strikes?…

1. It is very important for your pet to always wear some type of identification – such as a collar w/tags or microchip implanted in your furry family member. This precaution can ensure a happy reunion if we get separated from you.

2. If a disaster strikes and your indoors, make sure there is an emergency supply of your pet’s food and a good amount of water available – water bottles are best in case running water isn’t available.

3. If your pet takes medication make sure you have enough for a week  – your vet may available.

4. If you must leave your home – make sure you have a pet carrier. Bring some of your pet’s favorite belongings – such as blankets, toys and treats this will help keep them calm.

5. Always have a pet “Godmother” or “Godfather” that you can leave your furry family member with. It should be someone with whom you and your pet are close to and trust.

6. Practice makes perfect. Have a well thought out escape plan for you, your pet and family. Every once and awhile try some evacuation with your family pooch or feline. This can help make an evacuation much more organized and calm for all involved.

7. Remember in any emergency situation – people as well as pet’s will be frightened. Comfort your pet by remaining calm, and speaking in a reassuring voice.

In conclusion as this anniversary of 9/11 approaches we would like to honor you, your pet’s and families by inviting you to share some of your survival stories and memories with us.

Please feel free to send pictures of your furry family members to beijo@beijoscorner.com we love connecting with our extended family.

Remember Animals Rule! 

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