“You Don’t Have To Look Like Friends… To Be Friends”.

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Do Animals know something we humans don’t? We all have seen time and time again how unlikely partnerships have been formed in the animal kingdom that defy all kinds of laws of logic.

Such as predators and prey, or maybe in some cases a tremendous size differential. For example I read about an elephant at a rescue center who took up with one of the handlers pet dogs, and would come looking for him if he didn’t come to her quarters every morning.

These two took long walks together every day and even naps. There was a time the ¬†elephant took ill and the dog wouldn’t leave her side. They actually put him in her quarters until she got better.

So… what can we learn about acceptance from our furry counterparts? How can we learn to live on one accord with one another better?

Obviously looks didn’t seem to matter here, or in some cases neither does smell. Our animal buddies seem to be able to surpass all this superficial stuff.

We all have witnessed cases where a baby of a certain species will be nurtured and tended after by an adult mother of another animal group. It has been shown in some circumstances adoption has been the result.

Maybe we humans who are supposed to be the top of the food chain are a little slow.

We should all take a cue from our furry counterparts, and acknowledge their abilities of benevolence, intelligence and compassion to respond beyond what they see and respect other life forms besides themselves.

We all share this space… which is called earth and there is enough room for all of us, respect needs to be center stage.

Animals seem to have a way of communicating that is astounding. Besides the primitive hunting ritual of predator and prey that we’ve all seen on some documentary I’m sure.

We all have witnessed animals of all species resembling human traits… or were they?

Food for thought, maybe these traits that are thought of as human are just traits of living beings period!

We all have a sense of family, of wanting to belong to a community, and we all grieve from the losing of love one. We play and compete and we all know what peace feels like.

Next time you look into those lovely eyes of your furry family member, know that the eyes looking back at you are an intelligent, brilliant, vibrant being that feels and loves just like you and deserves respect.

This planet we all share would be so deficient if we occupied it without them. We’re both needed to balance it out and for everything to work smoothly for all included.

Just goes to show you we’re not that different from each other. Underneath it all we want basically the same things.

How many of you Beijo Buddies out there have witnessed your furry family member doing something out of the ordinary with other animals?

We’d love for you to share your stories with us!!!

Remeber pet’s rule!!!!

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