“How Do You Celebrate The Holidays With Your Pet?”

Picture of Christmas Cat Ziggy


Well it’s that time of year again! I don’t know what happens at your house… but around here it’s awesome!

I mean trees that are usually outside come indoors, and like my kitty friend here is showing we love it!

“My mom usually doesn’t put the presents under our tree until Christmas eve. That’s because I love to lay under it all snuggled in the blanket that goes around the bottom.”

“She also makes sure to use all natural tree vitamins for the water dish the tree sits in because I love to sip a little the tree pine cocktail from time to time, and my mom wants to make sure I’m safe.”

“Around the tree is also a great place to stash my toys. I love the smell of fresh pine and all kinds of lovin from the oven.”

Around this time of the year I get to sample a variety of goodies… like a finger dipped in eggnog MMMMM! or a nibble of a Christmas cookie.

The music fills our house with Christmas carols and at night the fire place is lit. Then it’s a toss up where to lay because I love being snuggled in the pillows by a roaring fire.

There’s also a lot more company that comes over to visit during this time and everyone always greets me with soft rub on the head or a scratch under my chin, and sometimes a wrapped present just for me! I always feel soooo special!”

Holidays are a wonderful time of year, and our pet’s definitely should participate in it. Just try to not indulge them in too much holiday eating. Remember just like us moderation is key.

Also try to pet proof your house. Meaning go green as much as possible, for instance the additives you put in your Christmas trees water to keep it fresh. Or fragranced candles and unattended Christmas goodies kitty or your lovable pooch might want to sample.

Definitely IF YOUR PET IS INTO IT (only if they’re into it) add a Christmas bow to their collar so they can dress up for the special occasion just like you.

Prepare a little Christmas dinner for them so they can be included in the festivities. You’ll soon discover they remember this time of the year and look forward to it just like us.

The more you include your pet in the holiday spirit the less probability you’ll have any bad behavior being acted out.

As a precaution don’t put any breakable ornaments at the bottom of the tree or any lights either for that matter. This will in most cases discourage kitty destruction from the tree.

Share your pet’s holiday memories with us! We’d love to hear what you have to say, and how you celebrate with your furry family members… or in some cases not so furry.


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