“Is It Checkup Time… Again?”


The rejuvenation of spring is here, and one of the best ways to put a spring back in your pet’s step is a checkup! Not only does it ward off hidden health issues, but it actually can make your furry family member (or in some cases not so furry) feel revitalized.

“Yeah I know the routine visit to the vet is not the most enjoyable trip. Truth be told most of us hate it! We actually can sense we’re going waaay before you tell us. I mean it’s sort of a six sense with us pet’s”.

“For me (Beijo) when my mom grabs the cat carrier (not that it’s my favorite place to be EVER)! I start to slowly slink low to the ground with my tail slightly poofed and tucked between my legs to look for a place to hide”.

“This usually makes my mom feel really bad and a little guilty. Then the speech comes about how quick the visit will be and how it’s good for me. At that point she picks me up to console me and I usually have the most pitiful look I can on my face at the time”.

“Next thing I know I’m in the carrier and we’re off to the vet. My mom always puts the seat warmer on my seat and turns some soft jazz on for me while we’re in the car. This totally relaxes me and I usually fall asleep”.

“When we arrive at the vet sometimes there are other animals in the lobby with us. I generally don’t mind dogs, but I don’t like it when they bark a lot and get too close to my carrier to sniff me”.

“My mom usually turns the carrier toward her so I can’t see them, all I see is her then she’ll begin to speak softly to reassure me. The receptionists calls my name and we go into a room to see my doctor”.

“How’s our star? He says (he’s also Beijo fan) then the door to the carrier opens and I reluctantly step out. He gives me a couple strokes under the chin and I start to relax then the checkup begins”.

For the best maintenance check ups should be once a year and consists of a physical exam. They usually include the following…

1. Checking the ears (making sure they infection and parasite free)

2. Checking the teeth and mouth (to see if gums are infected, or any bad teeth) yes brushing of the teeth is required – usually the vet will administer a mild anesthesia for this so we’re comfortable with the least amount of trauma necessary.

3. Checking the fur and skin (feel and appearance usually will expose deficiencies)

4. Listening of the heart – to make sure they are no irregularities in the heart beat

5. Checking the eyes and nose

6. Feeling the abdomen – to make sure there are no abnormalities

7. Checking the paws (see if nails need trimming)

*8. Sometimes the embarrassing anal gland exam is needed this is where they manually drain the anal gland… ewwww!

“If check ups are maintained this will add longevity to your pet’s life. I know for most of us cats we can live well into our twenties with proper care. Another reason that vet’s are so wonderful is they can detect allergies in your pet and can usually adjust their diet to remedy the problem”.

“Even though your furry family member (or in some cases not so furry) detests the vet, being the great parents that you are we at “Beijo’s Corner know that you’ll do what’s best for them always…. even if they don’t appreciate it at the time.

“Love your pet’s from the inside and the outside so they’re never lacking in any area emotionally or physically. Keep In Touch and we’ll do the same until next time Remember Pet’s Rule!!!

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