“To Share Or Not To Share Is The Question?…”

“So the question is… is it okay to share people goodies with our pets? Well let’s think about this for a moment, It seems harmless right? For the most part a little lick here and there depending on what it is may be okay for your furry family member ( or in some cases not so furry ).”

“But the reality is it could be harmful and nobody wants to do that in any way shape or form. Let’s take ice cream for example. It’s summertime and what says Whoo Hoo! Like a scoop or two of ice cream?”

“I know at my house I’m considered part of the family and I definitely know when goodies are present and then I pour on the cuteness. After all who could resist that little enthusiastic kitty tongue lapping up some cool, creamy, deliciousness?”

“Cats love dairy right?… Well just like people pets love to indulge in things that may not be the best for them. Ice cream may taste yummy to the palette, but just like there are lactose intolerant people there are lactose intolerant pets and our systems don”t function identical to humans.”

“I know for us kitties our digestive systems like a pretty simple diet, the same goes for the pooches and many other types of animals. Dairy plain and simple IS NOT good for us!”

“Could we get away with it now and again? Yes, but keep in mind you will be creating begging behaviors which aren’t good for anybody. If you keep giving us people food we tend to lose interest in our own food down the road and just want to eat what you eat and then… Houston we have a problem.”

“Keeping us on a consistent diet will keep things simple and will guarantee less vet trips in the future.”

“Think about it this way, just try to picture a lion or tiger eating a pint of ice cream in the wild rather than chasing an antelope and eating it. To be on the safe side it’s best to keep dairy out of our diets.”

“We have snack products developed just for us by companies that have made it their entire business to make foods that are specifically designed to be consumed, broken down, and used for energy for us.”

“The great part is these treats don’t cost very much, and usually a little morsel is enough to keep us excited about treat time.. Yummy! Your pet needs a few select nutrients to keep themselves i tip top shape.”

“Overall we have a much more simple system than an human, and we don’t require a vast amount of diversity of minerals and vitamins.”

“The next culprit that should be avoided at all costs is SUGAR ( for humans as well as pets actually ) this stuff is poisonous to us, and shouldn’t be given to us under any circumstances!”

“If you really think about it we’re sweet enough by ourselves without anything more being added.”

“Love your pets tenderly and completely with compassion continuing to keep them thriving with an abundant life! Until next time REMEMBER PETS RULE!

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