“Do Your Family Quarrels Affect Your Pet?…”

When any type of turbulence enters the home usually folks are so consumed with it don’t notice they’re furry family members ( or in some cases not so furry ) until later on. “We definitely get affected by these disruptions. We pets thrive on our daily routines and love peace in our environments.”

“The fact is in most cases if we’re acting out in our behavior, in some way our routine has been interrupted and acting out is our way of coping and trying to understand what’s going on. Especially when an argument has occurred. You may find us hiding under a bed or some place not so obvious… or in some cases not find us at all for a time.”

Some pets start exhibiting bad behavior on purpose to actually get your focus off your arguing and on them. Others may unfortunately turn to self mutilation such as pulling out hair, excessive licking until a bald spot appears, or even resort to chewing on themselves.

“You have to understand from our point of view, when the people we love most in the world are acting violent we don’t know why, how to stop it, control it, or choose a side. So we do the next best thing… hide, distract, or internalize this is our way of communicating.”

“None of these are healthy, but what are we to do? In that moment our world is falling apart and we feel so horribly scared, confused and helpless we’ll do anything to just make it stop. So what’s the solution here? Well, realistically arguments and other disruptions such as moving ect. in our lives are going to happen so it’s best to have a plan in place for moments like these.”

First off in any situation of stress one should go calm and compose themselves before approaching the family pet. Afterwards go to your pet and lovingly console them, speaking in low calm voice and being affectionate.

“Usually when we see you this way it causes us to relax immediately and establishes some normality back to our environment. We pets are is so connected to you we know when your stressed and somethings not right you can’t hide from us we can feel it in our beings.”

“The cool thing about comforting us in moments like this is you get comforted too! It’s a win, win for everybody involved. If consoling us doesn’t help alone we may need a nerve calming product to help us out.
You can find them at your local pet store, the more natural the better ( we suggest the pet section at Santa Monica’s Homeopathic Pharmacy tell them Beijo’s Corner sent you ).

“Having these formulas on hand is a must! Just like a cup of Chamomile tea works to relax your nervous system, these products will help balance and relax us. If your furry family member ( or in some cases not so furry ) persists in these types of behaviors you may need to schedule a vet’s visit, but in most cases it should do the trick.”

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