“How To Successfully COMMUNICATE A Timeout To Your Pet”

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Yes I know we all love our fur babies, those adorable moments and funny antics that bring us so much joy… but what do you do when one of those naughty moments occur and it isn’t so funny anymore?

Well, first of all I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND take a moment and BREATHE & CALM DOWN PLEASE! There is no need to yell and flip out or worse hit your pet… IT IS NOT NECESSARY and it makes everything worse because now you have diminished the trust they have in you and you have created fear…. FEAR OF YOU and we don’t want that EVER!

So it depends on what kind of moment we’re talking about here. Was it destructive? Like one of your valuables got chewed up or destroyed? Or maybe your pet left a deposit for you somewhere other than the litter box or outside. Or worse… you got scratched or bitten.

All of these behaviors indicate your pet is trying to communicate with you and they have decided this is the best way to get your attention. Since pets can’t communicate verbally with us they use behaviors to talk to you. The key here is to understand what they are saying and then successfully communicate back.

If you learn how to communicate with your pet most of these challenges will stop. Let’s take the example of our 2 pets featured in this month’s article.

The kitty obviously has an attitude with her owner about something. I bet her owner doesn’t clean her litter box enough on a regular basis. Believe it or not cats like their litter box kept clean.

Yeah I know the pet store told you that you only have to clean it every other day or 2 but think about this if your cat was wild and outside I promise you they wouldn’t go to the same enclosed area time after time to use the bathroom. Sometimes they don’t even go to the same location. Cats basically like things to be clean, including themselves this is one of the reasons why they’re always grooming.

One of the ways to fix this challenge is to DUH clean the litter box everyday, but don’t just clean it engage in conversation with your pet while cleaning it (using an affectionate tone of voice) and let them see how much you love them and how you’re doing this to please them.

They will understand. Just to prove what I’m saying to you if you start doing this with your cat. Right after you finish cleaning the litter box they will go in to use it. This is a sign of your pet communicating to you their appreciation I PROMISE 🙂

Our other pic is a doggie who is less than pleased with his owner for leaving him alone so he acted out. This is a case of separation anxiety and the dog is communicating by going to the bathroom on your most prized possessions… your bed and computer.

In his mind these are objects of great importance to you because you pay a lot of attention to them, so what better way to get attention from you then to leave something so individual as his urine.

So what do you do? Well let me say this your pet already knows he’s in trouble when you get home especially when you’ve found what he’s left for you. Pets are highly intelligent and sensitive to us. They know when you’re angry, sad, anxious and afraid. First call your pet over and tell them you are not happy with this behavior and it is unacceptable (in a low serious voice).

Then I would suggest having a timeout space prepared for such moments. This place should consistently be used only for time outs and should be pretty bare. No toys or food or any pleasure of any kind. An ideal place could be a gated off area enclosure or a separate room away from you. When you find the mess don’t say BAD BOY OR GIRL in some pets this just makes the issue worse.

Escort your pet WITHOUT SPEAKING to his timeout spot and leave him without saying a word. Keep your pet there for no more than 10 minutes. This will give you time to calm down and clean up the mess.

When you let your pet out be calm and use a calm voice so they understand you are no longer upset with them. Tell them they don’t have to act out that their home is safe and you love them (sound crazy? well it’s not! Your pet will feel what you are saying). Be affectionate with your pet and make a plan how to leave them next time.

Such as if you know you’re pet is having anxiety before you leave reassure your pet all is well and use some calming drops,  put on some LOW soft Jazz on in the home as background noise and leave your pet in a crate or in a designated room with dim lighting to relax. As soon as you return let them out and reassure them all is well. 

Usually this will work and after awhile after your pet has relaxed and gotten use to this routine eventually they can be trusted to be left to roam free in the home. Of course each pet is an individual and if you have a pet with severe anxiety issues please contact us so we can give you the help and assistance you need.

Beijo’s Corner specializes in all of your pet challenges with 1 on 1 attention that you and your pet want, need and deserve. We truly believe there is no bad pet just a misunderstood one and we are here to bridge the communication gap so you can have the pet of your dreams!


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