“Why Are Pets Such BED HOGS?…”


Aug.2014 article

Is your pet a BED HOG? Well mine is…. Take a look at the evidence in the picture above  in this month’s article.

Yep you got it that’s BEIJO on the left spokesperson and image of Beijo’s Corner himself all sprawled out for his afternoon nap on our California King size bed.

Sometimes I think he thinks he owns the joint… Actually it’s pretty ADORABLE and he definitely knows he’s loved and a pampered pet. AHHHH (sigh) can I get a high five from all the owners of spoiled pets out there?… I know I’m not alone 🙂

So I ask you… How common do you think this is? The answer pretty doggone common. It seems like there is some invisible rule of the universe when you find your adorable pet curled up somewhere looking extra cute you don’t move them. Even if that place is on you. I mean I’ve had people tell me stories of how their arm fell asleep from holding their pet because they didn’t want to move to interrupt the cuteness. C’mon we’ve all done it!

These little or BIG bundles of fur find a way into our hearts and melt us down to our knees with their cute snugly ways.

I have to mention that there are boundaries that should be observed here. First of all ladies (or gentlemen) you have to reserve your husband’s or wife’s place in the bed okay? Sometimes the truth of the matter is the  one last in the bed gets squeezed out. I do mean literally there isn’t any room left for them to get in and pets have to be taught to share. Setting boundaries will save you from any territorial challenges and jealousy in the future.


Having Beijo express his BED HOG tendencies I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. Having your heart overcome by cuteness and love is so worth it and your pets give way more than they take.

So why not wave your I belong to a spoiled pet flag? I know I’m proud to say I do.

When you see a pet sprawled out somewhere in your home it means they are completely secure in knowing they belong and that they are loved. Especially for you cat owners out there.

Did you know cats don’t expose their underbelly unless they feel completely safe? In the wild this is a very vulnerable area that could cost them their lives so it’s never exposed easily… shucks most cats won’t even let you pet or rub their tummy’s because of this (Beijo does by the way… but that took time and trust).

When your pet begins to flaunt his or her BED HOGNESS it means they know they are family. It’s a sign you’re doing the right thing folks! Animals never fake! I love this about them because they are brutally honest. If they are hungry you’ll know it. If they’re scared, or angry they’ll let you know. If they like you…. you’ll know. The same for if they don’t… you’ll know it.

If your pet is showing this type of behavior (Expressing BED HOGGING) it’s an HONOR for you it means you’re worthy of being trusted. It means they know you won’t harm them and because of this they are confident where they belong and they are not afraid to show it.

So the next time you come in a room and find your furry family member being a BED HOG… Do what the rest of us do grab a camera or take a video and share it proudly with other pet parents 🙂 until next time…


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