“YEAH… I’m SPOILED And I Know It!”

Nov. Article 2014


You should know all pampered pets believe this on the inside…. and why shouldn’t they? Unlike spoiled children who often result in being brats. Spoiled pets are Content and enjoy a Fantastic, Wonderful life.

Spoiling your pet simply means doing everything you can to make sure they are happy and healthy.

The truth is most of us think our pets are so adorably cute that the mere image of them evokes an uncontrollable type of love impulse out of us that we begin speaking in high pitch baby voices that result in making us a big mushy ball of gooey affection.

Now the question is…. Do you think our pets know what type of reaction their cuteness is having on us?

Well of course they do! Have you ever noticed when you start speaking in your isn’t he/she cute voice your pet really starts to lay the heavy pet antics?  I mean we’re talking looking at you upside down with one paw over their eyes and rolling back and forth on their backs with their best come hither face possible.

When our pets see and hear us respond to them with such love they eat it up! They love it! Which in turn makes us love them even more. So do you think there’s a little manipulation involved?

Of course there is. Any pet worthy of being called spoiled usually knows how to get that extra treat or squeak toy out of us. It’s okay really it is, the fact of the matter is you want to have such a strong connection with your pet that they feel comfortable communicating with you.

For example the more connected you are to your pet the more you know them and they know you. So if for instance if something is off, or your pet is sick, sad or just not feeling themselves you will know immediately. Our pets have different moods just like we do and sometimes they need a little extra affection or play time or they just want to hang closer with you.

These feelings and many more are easily communicated and understood when you have a spoiled pet. They will feel more confident to communicate how they feel to you because they know you care.

When you have a close relationship with your spoiled pet the trust level is through the roof! They understand they are part of your family and they know they are not just a Dog or Cat.

Did you know that when your pet is confident in this way it actually affects their health? It’s true it does! It has been scientifically proven happy, loved pets live longer and usually are healthier.

Pets and people really aren’t that different you know. Don’t you look& feel  better when you know someone deeply cares and loves you? Don’t you realize that health is directly connected to your overall health?

So when you spoil you pets you’re actually enhancing your health also…. Isn’t that cool?

Giving in this this way is giving to yourself too! It’s a WIN WIN situation for everyone involved. So I say spoil away there’s enough love for everybody and hopefully the more you spoil your pets someone will spoil you too 🙂

So the next time someone accuses you of having a spoiled pet OWN IT! Proudly state they belong to me and I belong to them.


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