“All I Want For CHRISTMAS Is…”


December 3014 Article


HO! HO! HO! Woof, Woof, Meow! Look at what Santa left us! Did somebody say CHRISTMAS?

Oh Yeah Baby! It’s my favorite time of the year.  So do you know what’s on your pets Christmas list? More of the same please. More Treats! More Squeaky Toys! More Catnip Mice & Feather toys, More Lovin from the oven period, More Blankies & cuddle beds… and just MORE, MORE, MORE! Especially more of your LOVE & AFFECTION.

Trust us we know what’s going on and are fully ready to participate, so PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US OUT.

Make sure we have our best Christmas sweaters on and Bows for our collars and ect… to greet guests when they come over for visits and parties. Pets love being part of the action. Please don’t underestimate Fido or Kitties intelligence to recognize the season.

Believe it or not when you include your pets in some holiday festivities they tend to behave better this time of year than to exclude them from the fun.

Make sure to have special treats prepared just for them when you’re enjoying some holiday yummies of your own. Try to give them their goodies the same time you’re having yours so they can feel included.

Of course they know that you are having something different to eat but usually if you present their goodies to them with great enthusiasm they’re satisfied… and yes this doesn’t mean that they will still won’t want to partake in some of what you’re having and a little of that is okay just as long as it’s just a little and not harmful to them.

Make sure to have special bowls just for these holiday treats and dinners. Oh and don’t forget special place mats too. Have Fido or Kitty dressed with a little Holiday Flare for the special day and take lots of pictures of your fur babies for keepsakes.

Oh one more thing… Beijo loves to unwrap some of his gifts just like we do. So feel free to loosely wrap your pet presents too! Make sure to have your cell phones ready to record all the action they’ll love it.

Now this next part is necessary for all responsible pet parents WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! 

Make sure to keep an extra eye out for Christmas safety with your fur babies… you know how nosey they can be and some times those noses get them into trouble.

CHOCOLATE – This is deadly to dogs & cats DO NOT SHARE EVER! Hide it because it can cause severe liver damage among other things and in some cases death depending on how much they eat.

Holly – This Christmas beauty if eaten will cause intense vomiting, diarrhea and in some cases mental depression will occur.

Mistletoe – This plant will cause difficulty breathing, slowed heart rate, vomiting, diarrhea and in some cases death.

Poinsettia – This plant can cause irratation to the mouth and vomiting.

Also these are some across the board precautions for a harmonious, safe Christmas for everybody. 

Put breakable ornaments & candy canes up high on the tree and make sure they are anchored on a sturdy tree branch and cannot be easily knocked off.

Especially for the kitty owners out there. Make sure their are no decorations on lower bottom of your Christmas tree. This will help deter kitty from smacking them around. Believe it or not if you leave a little exposed tree skirt for kitty to lay on they tend to have more respect for the tree and will just lay under it enjoying the outdoors coming indoors.

Something that also works for kitty get a little tree just for them somewhere in the vicinity of your big tree and sprinkle the very bottom branches and tree skirt with catnip. Having their own little tree helps them leave your tree alone because they have their own territory… hey it’s a kitty thing.

We at Beijo’s Corner want to wish you and yours a FANTASTIC HOLIDAY SEASON! Until next time…


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