“Aren’t You & Your PETS Worth it?…”

ARE YOU READY For Something NEW?…



Something FREE?

Something FRESH?

And most importantly… Something that you WANT & NEED that’s right within your reach?

Well Look No FURTHER… THIS IS FOR YOU!  “Ask Daniele… Your Personal PET Behaviorist”  askdaniele4pets.com



askdanielebanner-vers4COME BY & CHECK IT OUT! Ask your questions & Book your Personal Pet Session Today askdaniele4pets.com or        (310) 743-9643


Well… There’s a reason for the  “I know something you don’t” smirk I have on my face 🙂

DRUMS PLEASE!… Introducing “Ask Daniele… Your Personal Pet Behaviorist” this is the new direction for our brand… don’t worry “Beijo’s Corner” still exists and is a vital part of our pet community with all of your articles, events and social networking intact but now BETTER THAN EVER!

So many of you have told me you wish you could have PERSONAL access to me to answer all your pet questions when they come up. Well now you can!

We have completed our brand by combining “Beijo’s Corner” & “Ask Daniele 4 Pets” to give our loyal following… YOU what you WANT! You asked and I listened with both ears and more importantly my heart!

This is your opportunity to be heard, have fun and get the questions you want and need answered about your pets.

Just think you could have your pet challenge solved with a step by step process that’s accurate, fun & personalized specifically to fit you and your pet instead of trying to figure it out on your own. or worse going to all the pet stores and getting general information about your furry family member that only works half of the time…. HOW FRUSTRATING!

Don’t get me wrong all pet stores PETCO, PET SMART ect.. are GREAT! We work with & support them all… but they deal in generalities and your pet is an individual with it’s own individual personality and needs and should be treated as such.

This ESPECIALLY is true of rescues,… as many of you know. These animals have already been through so much and are usually the ones who are misunderstood because of their behaviors and unfortunately are the ones who lose their homes FIRST.

People have good hearts but soon grow frustrated because they don’t know what to do, where to begin or how to go about it. This is my SPECIALTY! To be able to unlock the mystery of the behavior in your pets with clarity, solve the challenge, restore harmony and then bridge the communication gap so all involved know with confidence that they have been heard… and better yet understood.

Everybody acts better when they’re confident that they’ve been acknowledged and understood right?

So… What kind of questions are you going to ask I wonder?… Maybe

cat clawing couch


Is Kitty using your furniture or anything else of yours you value as it’s own scratching post? I’ll show you how to prevent this and many other issues so you & Kitty can coexists in harmony together



barking dog 6

Is Fido’s Barking wearing your ears out? I’ll explain why Fido is barking and then communicate to him/her when it’s appropriate and not appropriate to bark bringing peace to everyone.




agressive cat 1


Does Kitty need an attitude adjustment? There’s a reason for Kitty grumpy disposition, I’ll show you how to communicate peace to Kitty and have them purring like a kitten.



dog jumping on people 1


Tired of being mowed over by Fido as soon as you come in the door? I’ll teach you & Fido some much needed Doggie etiquette and help him/her express their love and excitement in a calmer manner.


I’m soooo EXCITED! I can’t wait to hear from all of you.


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