“How To Get Your PETS To FOCUS!…”

Feb.Article 2015







Does Fido or Kitty have you thinking they have a touch of ADHD? (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Well… Let’s see if they really do. It may just be a case of youth, stubborness, or extreme enthusiasm. Whatever the case may be IT CAN BE WORKED OUT.

Everybody appreciates having the pepper! What I mean is being ENERGETIC is AWESOME! But being able to FOCUS is even better.

Believe it or not being able to focus whether you are a pet or human is a great advantage to your health. It actually balances your whole health system. It regulates breathing, healthy heart rhythms, blood circulation, enhanced brain activity and much, much more. Plus, to be honest it’s easier¬† and more pleasant to be around individuals who are balanced… Right?

Also did you know teaching your pet to focus is safer for them and you? Think about it if Fido or Kitty is flipping out and a emergency occurs, danger or something else unforeseen¬† are you confident that your pet will hear and obey your voice in the around chaos and focus on you? Sound impossible well it’s not.

If you start practicing your focusing exercises with your pet now you will have be better prepared for situations like the above mentioned.

So how do you do it? I’m glad you asked. This is one of the essential things I teach all of my clients when I first start working with them and I believe in it strongly. It is crucial to know with confidence in an emergency that your pet will listen to you. Because to be honest you probably will be freaking out yourself so this is important.

First things first you must build trust with your pet. I call these my trust exercises and I’ll give you a taste right now… but to do it justice you really need to sign up and work with me so I can show you in more detail… BELIEVE ME IT IS SO WORTH IT.

1. A pet who trusts you will obey you no matter what is going on (YES this includes CATS too guys… but it takes a little longer for a cat). One of my favorite exercises to do is take your pet in a room that has one exit like a bedroom and have affection time together for about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. After you have done that leave the pet in the room alone and shut the door. Go away for about 10 minutes and when the time is up come back open the door and be extremely happy to see them. Elevate your voice and give lots of affection for about 5 minutes.

3. Close the door with them in it again and leave for a longer period of time about 15 minutes. When you come back this time start calling them and speaking to them as you are getting closer to the door. When open the door tell them that you will always come back for them… believe it or not they will understand you.

4. Now, I usually have people practice the first 3 steps for one week everyday before I give #4¬† The next step is to wait until your pet is in another room settled down… probably sleeping and randomly call them to the room where you are. When they come PRAISE them and greet them with major enthusiasm. Do this about 3 or 4 times a day.

What this is doing is getting the pet to trust when they come to you the reward will be affection and a sense of security because they are wanted and they have a place they belong and it’s associated with pleasure.

5. Now after you’ve practiced these 4 steps for about 2 weeks. It’s time to take it outdoors. Start first in an enclosed yard and wait until Fido or Kitty is engrossed in something (this time have treats with you) Then call to them with a visual of them outside. When they come give lots, and lots of PRAISE and a cookie. Do this until the time they come inside is under 10 to 15 seconds.

6. Next try this exercise again but this time you are indoors with a visual of them outdoors but make sure they can’t see you and call to them. When they come greet them with enthusiasm and a cookie.

7. If this is going well try it again but go away from the door into another part of the house and call to them so when they come inside they have to find you. When they find you give PRAISE with great enthusiasm. This will associate this exercise with PLEASURE and that’s what we want.

With consistency this will help your pet FOCUS on you wherever you are and whoever is around. YES IT TAKES TIME but boy is it worth it. I know you guys love your pets but as I always say love is not enough. You must lay the foundation of training and discipline to have a well rounded pet… and more importantly a SAFE PET.


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