Anybody that knows me has heard me say this all the time… PETS are the best Therapists you’re ever going to get and it’s FREE! They give us so much and really require so very little in return. In my book they’re one of the best investments for your happiness in your life PERIOD!

They’ll accept you no matter what you look like, how much money you have, no matter where you live, no matter what opinions other people may have of you, if your sick or well, old or young and the list goes on and on… and all they want in return is your LOVE and your time.

As a pet lover I know you guys already know this to be true in your heart … but did you know it’s scientifically proven also?

Yep that’s right Dogs & Cats (YES even cats) want to give comfort to people when they are upset. It seems that it is a fact pet owners have known for a very long time, and now a new study backs them up.

Scientists at the University of London conducted a study that revealed dogs (Cats do also but usually only to their owners) truly do respond to human tears and will naturally try and reassure a distressed person. It also turns out dogs will try and comfort anyone who cries, not just their owners.

Researchers filmed 18 dogs of various breeds at the homes of their owners. One of the researchers ignored the dog and started to either talk, hum loudly or pretend to cry. Fifteen of the dogs stopped what they were doing and went over to the crying person and displayed submissive behavior when approaching.

The dogs approached whoever was crying regardless of their identity…they were responding to the person’s emotion, not their own needs, which is suggestive of empathic-like comfort-offering behavior. The youngest dog in the experiment was an 8-month old Labrador Retriever. As soon as the puppy heard someone pretent to cry, he rushed up and put his paws on their shoulder.

Crying carried greater emotional meaning for the dogs and provoked a stronger overall response than either humming or talking,. Regardless of whether it was their owner or the stranger, when an individual cried most of the dogs went up to them in a quiet, submissive way suggesting comfort-giving.

The dogs also went directly up to the stranger and did not seek to be comforted themselves.

Isn’t this cool? The bond between you and your pet is so AWESOME! They truly do care about us, not just for food and shelter as some people believe. Of course all of my Beijo peeps already know this… but for the slow, hard to convince people out there now you have science to back it up!

Also I’ve found PETS are the BEST listeners. If you’re not the best interacting with people a pet will suffice just fine to tell all your secrets to, or even if you’re so emotionally full and can’t talk they know just what to do.

Sometimes they are the only ones that can’t get us to smile or laugh after a rough day, or put us to sleep when our mind is overwhelming us and we can’t find peace. Those wet noses and wagging tails are just what the doctor ordered to calm even the most troubled heart.

I am a strong believer of PET Therapy! I’ve personally witnessed changed behavior in people over and over again after having pets. They have a way of bringing you out of your shell, protecting you,  healing your deepest heart wounds, making you laugh by bringing endless joy and basically getting you moving and enjoying your life. 

I wouldn’t trade the love of my BEIJO for anything in the world! If you are a PROUD PET PARENT kiss and hug your fur baby with gratitude today for all they’ve contributed to your life…. because sometimes blessings come into your life wearing fur 🙂


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