“What To Do With PETS That Have FEAR & ANXIETY Challenges”

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Yes I know these pics are funny…. but Pet fear and anxiety is not. Did you know pet fear & anxiety challenges are the #1 concern among all pet parents?

Whew! Think about it that’s a lot of scared Kitties & Doggies out there. No worries though because this is my specialty 🙂 and I’m finally being open and talking about it.

You know how it is… we get busy and consumed in our day to day busy lives and never think twice about things we do that just come natural to us and flow out of us. Well a very dear client of mine said to me Daniele you need to talk more about this because It’s part of your gifting’s and something that you solve on a daily basis…

So FIRST of all thank you for bringing this to my attention 🙂

Let me just say if this is something you’re dealing with your own pets you are not alone and there is HELP & SUPPORT available to you. I’d love to speak & work with you to show you how.

Pets are just like people. They have chemical imbalances, moods, trust issues and many more complicated emotional parts. Identifying what specifically is going on is a PRIORITY.

Yes in severe cases there is Kitty & Doggie Prozac equivalents to help you… but in most cases natural cures work beautifully and without side effects.

Most fear & anxiety challenges are emotional and require time and patience. If you’re willing to put in the work YOU WILL GET RESULTS! Most of my pet clients I’ve worked with have had such challenges and I’m happy to say ALL have been resolved… YAY!

Some Breeds naturally have more emotional triggers close to the surface than others do and a disposition to not trust. There is a specific way to go about reversing this, please give me a call and we can get started.

Most RESCUES have some level of fear & anxiety mainly because of the trauma they suffered in earlier area’s of their lives. You cannot believe some of the things I’ve come across… humans can be so cruel sometimes… But there is always HOPE by pets being given a second chance of life & LOVE.

Please understand because of these previous negative experiences pets have developed what I call P.O.W. (Prisoner’s Of War) TRIGGERS. And just like land mines you cannot predict what will trigger one to come out.

The great news is that the majority of these can be dealt with successfully and your pet can learn a new behavior of trust that begins with YOU, Consistent Training & your love.

Pets are Resilient & Forgiving they just need to be given a chance and shown how… I wish more people were this way.

If you know know your pet has fear & anxiety issues the WORST thing in the world you can do is force them into a social behavior or yell at them and become aggressive. This will only accelerate and deepen the problem.

You need to get help from a professional to heal your pet and bring clarity and understanding to the situation about what is going on and how to proceed resolving it.

Below are some clear signs your pet is suffering from Fear & Anxiety…

Fear & Anxiety Signs In CATS

  • Running away
  • Hiding
  • Aggression (which includes spitting, hissing, growling, swatting, biting, scratching, puffing fur and tail, arching back, swishing tail and flattening ears)
  • Freezing in place
  • Losing control of bladder/bowels
  • Releasing anal glands
  • Refusing to use the litter box

Fear & Anxiety Signs In DOGS

  • Non STOP Barking
  • Chewing up furniture, walls, shoes, garbage, and anything else in sight.
  • Pooping and peeing in the house, crate, or other confinement area.
  • Eating his own poop
  • Aggression toward people, dogs, or other animals.

There are ALWAYS reasons for these TYPES of behaviors and what you must understand is that your pet is communicating to you when they act out in these ways.

Most of the time the message just gets lost in translation between pets and humans. That’s where I come in to help you understand what is going on with CLARITY and then resolve it Completely and Efficiently in a Timely manner.

Bringing Balance to your family and your pets is my goal… Remember HELP is one phone call away to end the Overwhelm and get the support you NEED, WANT & DESERVE TODAY.

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