About Daniele

… Let’s Get To Know Each Other A Little Better 🙂

I am Pet Behaviorist who specializes in bridging the gap between the pet world and the human world by communication.

Bringing clarity and deciphering what a pet is communicating in behavior is the goal and the key to many animals keeping their homes and avoiding abuse. I feel it is my calling in life to give pets a voice and make sure they’re understood.

It has been proven no matter the species everyone wants and needs to be heard, understood and respected. When we feel confident in these areas were content and usually behave better in our surroundings.

I know & understand most people love and adore their pets, but just like raising a child sometimes when you’re too close to the situation you cannot not see what someone on the outside can. Everyone needs a helping hand now and then.

It is my goal to make life easier by providing the solution to whatever challenge you may be having resulting in giving you the pet of your dreams. It is my belief and experience with pets there is no bad pet just a misunderstood one.

I has always loved and understood animals. I actually consider myself a sort of Ms. Dolittle and for most of my life felt more at home with animals than people.

I grew up being surrounded & educated about all kinds of animals. Working most of my life with shelters and animal rescue groups. I believe in encouraging everyone to treat animals with respect as living beings sharing this planet,

This passion  lead me to create Beijo’s Corner Which is A Loving Environment To Promote Humane Treatment Of Animals & Celebrates Pets & Ask Daniele 4 Pets Which gives clients a 1 on 1 service that specializes in all their pets needs. There is also a created series of children’s books “Adventure’s Of Beijo The Brave” that teaches children from a young age how to treat animals. I truly believes children are the main focal point to resolve future issues of inhumane treatment of animals.

Getting children to view animals as beings worthy of respect and not just cute furry things to dress up and play with but a part of the family is one of our goals at “Beijo’s Corner”. Children that are raised with animals are better caretakers, less selfish and self centered.

It also has been proven they usually have better social skills and are more balanced. Which results in making them better citizens in society.  Everyone no matter how small has a responsibility to be respectful to all beings.

Remember Pets Rule!

Daniele Largo