Beijo’s Party Kit


Wouldn’t it be fun to have Beijo throw your child’s next birthday party?

Well now you can with Beijos’s Party Kit!

Hello Friends & Fans Of Beijo!

Wouldn’t it be cool for your next partyor special event if you could have a Beijo theme party, complete with books, balloons, cake, lollypops and party favors.



– Cake
– 2 Pizzas or Spaghetti w/Meatballs with Salad and Garlic Bread
– Balloons for Beijo Stomparama [ floor covered with balloons for stomping ]
– 1 Book Reading Story Time [ with cat ear audience participation ]
– Beijo Gift Lollypops and Stickers
– Face Painting
– 1 Birthday Group Picture Gift
2 or 3 Beijo Attendants will be present for duration of party for set up and clean up and participation in party events. Group party picture will be featured on
* Additional Fee for Beijo’s Live Pet Party Club [ Petting Zoo with cats, dogs and bunnies]

Duration of Party Time 2 Hours

Each party comes with a live book reading -AND- you’ll even receive a narrated audio CDs of the story of  “Adventure’s Of Beijo The Brave” “Backyard Adventure”

Be an honorary member of the Beijo Fan Club
by having your face painted to look like Beijo and How Cool Is That? As a bonus your face painting experience comes complete with a set kitty cat ears to wear!



Now you can become a part of the story!  Each fan member will have a goup photo taken and be featured on Beijo’s website!

If you’re a fan of Beijo’s you’ll love having a themed celebration thrown in your honor!!!

To inquire about hosting your own customized live Beijo Themed Celebration send your request to Daniele Largo at: or call 310 743 9643.

One Response to Beijo’s Party Kit

  1. Mary Rall says:

    My goodness, Beijo is sure busy. He’s excited about everything that’s happening and guess what? so am I!

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