Beijo’s Buddies

Hello  Everyone,
My name is NATASHA & I live with my Mom in beautiful, sunny California being treated like the Princess I am.
I’m a talkative girl that loves to learn, play and explore my world. I’m an expert with my Laser toy & Birdy fly wand.
My Mom is learning to speak CAT with me so now I can share more of my world with her and deepen our already fantastic relationship. The world is my oyster hear me roar MEOW!
Greetings Everyone!

 My name is GIZMO and I live in beautiful, sunny California with my MOM whom I adore. I love snacks, being cuddled & playing with my many toys.
I’m an only child and spoiled rotten… just the way it should be 🙂 I just had my first taste formal training and rocked it like the champ I am. Who said you can’t teach an older dog new tricks?
I’m very affectionate, smart as a whip with a little sassy on the side WOOF! WOOF! PEACE I’m out
Hello Everyone my name is HONEYDEW and I’m as sweet as my name suggest.I am newly rescued and just found my forever family. I am so grateful they are the ones that found me.
Daniele is training me to be a Therapy Pet for my new Mommy’s and I’m excelling very quickly. I loved to be held and snuggled. I am smart as a whip and definitely a lady…. Can’t you tell?
My future includes lots of love and pampering me like the Princess I am. Life is BEAUTIFUL the second time around. WOOF!


Hiya Everybody!
My name is BELLA  A.K.A Sassy Pants or Lil Escape Artist…. Daniele is working on resolving these 2 challenges as we speak.  I live in beautiful sunny California with my 2 fur brothers who I love to boss around ( no one can tell me I’m not the ALPHA of the group) and my Mom who I adore.
Even though I can be a handful sometimes I’m very sweet, affectionate and I love to play. I”m still a puppy so to me life is a party and of course I’m Queen of the ball. I am very smart and energetic and believe it or not I’m pretty shy at first before I get to know you, but after that you’re one of the family in my book.
Life is great when you know you’re loved WOOF!




Hello Everybody!

My name is LILY and I”m a California girl. I love my family, walks by the ocean, snacks and snuggles. I’m very feisty and smart as a whip.

I’m very loyal and take my time to get to know you, but once I do you’re family for life.

I’m my Mom’s heart dog and guardian of my house. Don’t let the cuteness fool you I might be small but I’m fearless. I’m learning to balance my inner Rocky and embrace more peace… so on that note I will say to all of you NAMASTE.





Hello Everybody!

My name is BOOMER B.K.A. The Love Bug.
My nickname suits me because loving and being loved is my favorite thing to do. By the people I choose of course 🙂

Especially if it’s from my MOM. I wish I could have her to myself all of the time, but I have to share. Hey I’m working on that as we speak okay.

I love playing with my favorite toys & talking… I have a lot to say & I love to express myself. I live in beautiful, sunny California. It’s a doggies life for me WOOF!



FullSizeRender (2)Hola Everyone!

I’m LIL GUY & this is a perfect picture that shows off my trademark of my ear being back. This is the signal I give when I’m really being myself.

I may be little but I’m fearless. Once I get to know you and feel comfortable I’m a lovable, affectionate, cuddly boy who will sit in your lap & cover you in smooches and cuddles.

I live in sunny California with my Mom, fur sisters & brothers. I love going for walks, yummy treats and riding in the car.

Life is wonderful being a puppy… WOOF!





IMG_3765Hello Everybody! My name is DANGER, don’t let my name scare you. I’m a lover & the only thing you’re in danger of is being wrapped around my paw because of my charming kitty ways.
I’m a little shy at first… but look out once I warm up I’m all over you like my favorite Catnip. I love being the center of attention with all eyes on me. I live in sunny California with my kitty sister & loving family who spoils me rotten.
My favorite spot to hang out is in the bathroom at my #1 window look out. I spend my days playing, snacking and cuddling under the covers. It’s great being a kitty MEOW… I’m out.






IMG_2455BON JOUR People 🙂
My name is PARIS & I’m a charmer… Can you not see this from my photo?
I love people, and being the center of attention is my main purpose in life.
I am very affectionate & have the best Mommy on the planet. She adores & spoils me rotten. I spend my days playing and giving tons of smooches.
Being a pampered pooch ROCKS!




FB_IMG_1496874122619My name is GEISHA and I’m a California girl. I love long walks by the ocean, snuggles, yummy treats & just chilling with my favorite person in whole world my Mom.
I am my Mom’s very own HEART DOGGIE 🙂 I know what she needs before she ever says a word. We’re deeply bonded like that.
I am her therapy puppy, she shares everything with me. She & I best friends. I have a way of looking deeply into her soul & making her smile. I always know what to do to make her feel better. I love my life! being loved rocks WOOF!




IMG_7808 (1)Hello Everybody!
My name is LUCY & I’m a big snuggle baby who loves to cuddle in your arms even though I’m a big girl.
I love to play, and going for walks is my favorite. Snacking on yummy treats makes my day & is the true way to my heart. I live in beautiful, sunny California with my loving family who spoil me rotten… just as it should be.
 Ahhh being a doggie rules WOOF!





8C8B1F77-90F9-432B-9AB8-9F0B9EDBE423Hello Everybody!
Welcome to my PARTY! My name is ROXY & I’m a Social Butterfly. To me everyday is a reason to celebrate and discover something new.
I’m a natural born cuddle bug, a little shy at times and smart as a whip. I love playing and snuggling with my family… Especially my Daddy.
Life is great being a Princess WOOF!




FullSizeRender (1)Hello Everybody!
My name is GRAHAM B.K.A The Love Bug 🙂 I’m a fluffy bundle of cuddles who has smiles for everyone.
I just found my forever home with the love of my life my MOM. We go for walks along the beach and rides in her convertible with the top down. 

My life is now filled with tons of kisses and all the snuggles I can handle… LIFE is better the second time around WOOF!




img_4669Heyyyy Everybody! My name is LUCY and I’m a Social Butterfly who loves meeting new people and exploring my world.

I’m a Tom Boy/Princess with a mind of my own. I have tons of energy and love to play and learn new things. I live in sunny California with my loving Mom & Dad.

Being a Cute Puppy RULES… WOOF!


img_9344Hello Everybody! My name is KHALEESI I’m named after my mom’s favorite female warrior. I’m a smart, cute curious little kitty who loves to play, explore and snuggle.

I live in sunny California with my mom and loads of kitty pals that I play with outside my house.

Being a Kitty is the BOMB… Meow


img_3790Hello Everybody,
My name is “ROXY” I’m 14 years old and full of SPUNK! I’m very independent with my own mind and I’m smart as a whip… Let NO ONE tell you that we Older Doggies can’t learn NEW TRICKS! It ain’t over till it’s over.
I love my Mom, walks by the beach and napping to my favorite music playing in the background… Folks it’s GREAT being a doggie WOOF!





Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Hello Everybody

My name is SPANKY or as Daniele calls me “SPANKYKINS” I might be little but I’m fearless and very spunky.
I live in beautiful, sunny California with my awesome family. I love going for walks and devouring yummy snacks.
I’m definitely a LADIES man and I love to give cuddles it’s great being a dog WOOF!



IMG_0110Hello Everybody,
 My name is KIARA and I’m a rescue. I am very sweet and very shy. I have a lot of Anxiety & Fear challenges from my previous life that Daniele is helping me with.
I’ve come a l-o-n-g way and improved GREATLY. This is why Daniele picked me to be the BUDDY of the month.
I live in sunny California with my Mom & Dad whom I love very much for having the FAITH, Love and Patience with me while I get better. Take it from Me Life is better the second time around & everybody deserves a chance to be happy WOOF!





Hello Everybody,
My name is BUDDY and I have a heart of Gold. I live in Sunny California with my Mom and Dad whom I adore.
I love being cuddled, romping around the house and eating my favorite snacks. I am a rescue who just found his perfect forever family and all I can say is…  It’s great being a Doggie WOOF.




20151105_141049Wazzzup Everbody!
My name is MASSI and I live in sunny California with my Mom. I’m a Social Butterfly who enjoys traveling and meeting new people with my Mom.
These are my favorite treats you see me posing with… Because a Girl’s just got to have her treats. I have a big appetite for life & Goodies it’s great being a dog… WOOF!


Hello Everybody! My name is Caroline 🙂
I’m a FREE Spirit with a mind of my own.
I love my MOM, Cuddles and playtime. Yummy treats are the quickest way into  my heart.
I’m very social and love going for car rides. Being a puppy is the BEST! Cuteness Rules WOOF!



IMG_0048Hola Everybody my name is EMMA and I live in beautiful, sunny, California with my family.
I’m a total Diva and love being the center of attention. Snacks are the quickest & easiest way to my heart. My favorite snack is boiled eggs… YEAH I know that’s a little different but that’s because I’m very original.
I love car rides and sleeping & cuddling with my mom. I’t GREAT being a dog WOOF!



Happy babies

Hello Everybody we are Mork and Mindy nice to meet you. We were abandoned on the side yard next to my now Mommies apartment. 
We were crying and hungry. We were huddled together in a little patch of shade on one of the 
hottest weekends we had this year.
Our Mommy brought us home and fell in love with us. We are like typical toddlers in their terrible twos. She says we’re just so cute and adorable you have to laugh when we tear up every roll of toilet paper in the place!
We bring her lots of laughter and joy to everyday, and are gradually winning the hearts of their older sisters and brother cats, Gizmo, Christie and Loverboy.



ZuzuHello Everyone 🙂 My name is ZuZu and I’m a very Sweet, Lovable, Playful bundle of love. I live in sunny California and love being cuddled.

My favorite past time is snuggling, napping and chasing jingle balls. Yep… It’s great being a kitty MEOW! Purr Purr.



Hello Everybody My name is Merci Grace 🙂 Did anybody ever tell you that big things come in little packages?… Well they do!
I may be little but I have a HUGE HEART & I’m the glue that keeps my family happy, peaceful and loved.
Yep, I’m a guardian over my family’s emotional well being. I’m a FOREVER baby to soothe any stress away from their hearts. I LOVE MY FAMILY


IMG_20140724_181239025_HDR(1)Hello Everybody! My name is  AZUL & I’m a C-O-O-L Doggie from sunny California. I love spending my days socializing, playing and being at the beach.I have lots of friends and admirers everywhere I go.

I am a big guy in size but don’t let that scare you because I’m a LOVER not a fighter.Don’t get me wrong I fiercely protective and loyal to my family… And I love the LADIES! It’s GREAT being a Doggie… PEACE. 


KitamusHello Everybody my name is Kitimus. I know pretty cool name huh?…

I’m a teen-aged Silver Tabby/Maine Coon look-a-like.  You won’t find a friendlier or more affectionate cat than this me. 

I just can’t get enough love and attention.  I’m super playful, and sweet, I just love giving kitty kisses.


VoskiHello my friends my name is Voski and I’m 16 years old. I am proud to be my mommy’s baby. Yeah you heard me… whoever said being a baby had anything to do with age? Pet babies are ageless 🙂 didn’t you know that? My mom is my best friend in the whole world!

Some of my favorite things to do are playing with string, and of course cuddling and sleeping with my mom. I’m originally from Quebec Canada but now I live in beautiful sunny California with my brother kitty and family. It’s great being a kitty.



Frankie1Hello everybody my name is Frankie and I’m a big fluffy handsome guy, full of love and sweetness. He is good natured, calm, and gentle.

Frankie loves being combed, and he enjoys being carried around. He’s very friendly and playful and affectionate, and he gets along great with dogs and with other kitties.



Hello Everybody! I am Sabrina and I’m already spayed, housetrained, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs.
Sabrina’s Story…
Sabrina is a gorgeous Cream colored Terri/Poo… Approx 12 pounds..1 1/2 years old… She is very sweet.. She would be a great addition to any family..Potty pad trained. She is currently living in a foster home with other dogs and is well socialized.




Hello Everyone, My name is C.C. short for Calico Cat. I’m new to the Beijo community so thanks for making me feel right at home.

I live in beautiful sunny California with my mom & family. I’m very shy, sweet and lady like. I love jazz and smoked turkey… yummy!

Daniele is helping to bring me out of my shell so I can enlarge my social circle Meow.




IMG_2066Woof! Woof! Everybody. My name is Jack and I have eyes that can look right into your soul.

I love to play and be chased. I live in beautiful sunny California with my Mom & Dad & brother and sister.

I’m the oldest of the pack so that means I’m in charge… life is GREAT being a dog!



Hello Everybody! My name is Biscuit. I was going under Beijo’s Adoptables… but guess what a MIRACLE happened and Daniele found me my very own Forever Home YAY!

I get to live with my very own lovely mommy in sunny CA. she’s already preparing for my arrival 🙂 I’m looking forward to all the wonderful snuggle time and lovin… it’s GREAT being wanted!




Greetings everyone, My name is Bailey. I live in beautiful sunny CA. I’m a very sweet, loving shy kitty who loves my family.

I like things quiet and peaceful. I adore my new condo and playtime with my mom it’s g-r-e-a-t being a kitty MEOW!





Greetings all! My name is Kate… B.K.A. Princess Kate. Yep you got it I’m royalty… or at least in my mind I am.

I am very frisky and love to play, snuggle and be the center of attention. I adore my mom & dad and snacks. Daniele is helping learn how to share & get along better with my brothers.

Family is AWESOME I love my life 🙂


IMG_6170Hello everybody! My name is J.J. and I’m part of Wike pack of San Pedro California.

I’m a Terrier mix with great attitude! I’m a FREE Spirit with my own mind… but once you’ve earned my trust you have a loyal friend for Life.

I love my family WOOF! WOOF! It’s great being a dog.


photo-13Aloha everyone! My name is Layla and I’m new to the Beijo”s Corner family.

I’m currently learning puppy etiquette… you know walking correctly on a leash and behaving in public with my peeps… stuff like that 🙂

Daniele says I’m very smart and learning very quickly so soon Ill be ready for Agility training Whoo Hoo!

It’s great being a puppy! I adore my family and big brother Milo WOOF Peace out!



Hi everybody! My name is Chase and I’m new to Beijo’s Corner. Thanks for making me feel so welcomed 🙂

I love playing with my squeaky toys, running outside and snuggling with my Dad Calvin and Godfather Aaron. I might be small but inside I have the heart of a Lion.

I live in beautiful sunny California and live everyday to the fullest it’s great being a dog! Woof! Woof!





Hello everyone, My name is Lex and I’m a miniature Australian Shepherd. I am newly rescued and live with my mom in sunny Culver City.

I am really shy and have some anxiety issues but Daniele is working with me and soon I’ll be socializing with the best of them!

I love going for walks and snacking on freshly prepared Chicken and Turkey…YUM!  Happy to be here and have a home of my very own WOOF!



Greeting everyone! My name is Bishop and I live in  California with my mom Spinderella. She’s the best spinning instructor on the planet (I’m biased of course).

I love being outside exploring my backyard and hunting for bugs on gorgeous sunny days. Snuggling and snacking with my mom are some of my favorite things to do.

I love getting my way and being spoiled… aah it’s awesome being a kitty!



Greetings I’m Turk! I live in lovely San Francisco and I enjoy playing with lots and lots of ribbon… it’s one of my favorite things.

Napping is a close second and of course snuggling and chasing bugs. I love my family and sleeping in sun patches it’s great being a kitty!




Heyyyy Everybody I’m Nemo and I am a chihuahua mix and have a BIG appetite for life, love and friends. I love to play & snuggle under the covers.

I was rescued from Devore shelter about 2 years ago by my now mom Liraz founder of “Art N Paws” rescue for dogs. I decided I wanted to make Liraz my forever mommie and now I’m a therapy dog for all the new rescues that come in.

It’s my job to help them feel right at home so they can find a great family of their own. I love my job, my family and my life WOOF! Pets rule!


Hello everybody! My name is Bobby and I’m a 3 1/2 month old BullMastiff puppy.

I’m full of energy, cuddles and love to explore! I’m new to the Beijo family and Daniele is training me to be an excellent gentleman & guard dog for my family.

I love snuggling, napping, playing and of course my snacks… it’s great being a puppy and living in beautiful California! My family is the BEST Woof!



Hello everyone! My name is Alexander and I’m a Norwegian Forest Cat. I’m 9 years old & live in Marina Del Rey.

My life didn’t start off the best so I left to start a new life with my now fantastic family. They nursed me back to health and now I enjoy my days partaking of kitty caviar… it’s great being a kitty Meow!





Hello Everybody it’s me Jack B! I was born in Las Vegas and now live in sunny CA. I love my mom & making new friends.

I’m very social and attend a puppy meet up every evening. I adore chasing squirrels and snacking on graham crackers with my mom… It’s great being a pup!



Hello my name is Hank nice to meet you!

I live in sunny CA. with my new family who I adore. I love snuggling, snacking and playing… It’s great being a dog!



Hello everybody! My name is Mimi and it’s great to be here!

I am a survivor of being bit by a Rottweiler. You see his bite damaged my spine and my owner thought he was going to have to put me down.

Thanks to PROTANDIM I’ve made a full recovery! I hope you come to Beijo”s Event to hear my testimony. Life is GREAT the second time around WOOF!



Bon Jour everyone my name is Pierre! It’s nice to meet you. I love to cuddle and be pampered I adore walks and my favorite snack Salmon Jerky.

I live in beautiful Rancho Palos Verdes with my loving family Elizabeth, Charles and Stephanie. I adore dressing up… You should see my wardrobe it’s to die for WOOF!


Hey everybody! We are Blueberry and Buttercup from Riverside CA. We’re best friends and do everything together.

Our favorite snack is sunflower seeds and we love to cuddle and watch cartoons.



What B Up? My name is Oliver and I L – O – V – E carrots (YUMMY)! I also adore being outside on the fresh grass enjoying some sunshine with my mom Gi Gi in Carson CA.



Hello my name is Blue, I loved life and sadly departed too soon. I was a truly independent spirit, who chose my lovely family Nui and Werner in CA who I adored 15 years.

We had a very close, tender relationship. They both understood me sooo well.

They will be in my heart forever xoxoxox.


It’s a brand new day! I’m Sammy and I’m the new edition to Werner & Nui, I love my snacks (maybe a little too much sometimes) and talking to birds.

I’m totally spoiled and I know it! I love my new family sooo much there’s no other place I’d rather be… Life is good!




Hello everybody my name is Sport, and I live in sunny CA. Sorry I’m taking a little nap, but my mom just fed me and I couldn’t help it… you know how us little puppies are.

Other wise I’d be jumping, playing and running around the house or outside. Ahh how sweet it is to be a puppy, I love my life.



 A big hello to everyone out there! My name is Coco and this is my best friend Giggles we take lots of naps together and roughhouse most of the day. I love going outside to explore!


Here’s to BO the German shepherd and all his firefighter buddies. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and tireless hard work!

We salute you, and honor you and we’ll never forget 9/11… never! thank you.


Hey everybody my name is Bubba and I’m a Pug!

I’m very spoiled and cuddly just like a pampered pet should be.

My human family is Emily and Tom of Santa Barbara.

My favorite thing is to go for car rides and chew on my favorite squeak toy Miggs.

It’s great being a dog!!!



 Hello everybody! My name is Poppet, and I’m a Maltese Terrier and a new friend of Beijo’s. Poppet’s human mommy is Diana of San Diego. Poppet enjoys long walks and knows everybody in her local park.


Hello all my name is Jacob and this is my human friend Franklin. We’ve been together awhile now and live in sunny CA. I love being held and riding in his pockets where I am all warm and safe.


kojacWhatz up! Kojak or Louie here. We want to send you a big hello from our pad. By the way both of us are girls… cool names huh? Are dad rolls like that. Anyhow we enjoy going for a swim and hanging out on our favorite rock, turtles rule!!!


Hello everyone I’m Bootsie! and my mom is Denise and we live in sunny San Pedro Ca. as you can see it’s bath time.

This is definitely not my favorite thing… but a kitty’s got to do what a kitty’s got to do!






Hey everyone! I’m Chu Chu and I love going for walks on the beach and my family. We live in beautiful Calif. and enjoy all the wonderful weather I definitely have it made!!!

Howdy I’m Missy, and I love snackin… it’s my way of life! I love my family and the beach, above is my sister Chu Chu life is great!





Hey guys, I’m Sammy and I’m Frankie, and we love getting into mischief and lots and lots of playing!

We live in beautiful CA. with our mom Kay, and enjoy snacks and our family…. it’s great being a dog!




Hola everyone! My name is Mimi and I enjoy being outside smelling all the plants & flowers in my backyard not to mention making my mom Veronica melt with my cuteness.

As you can see I’m very photogenic and don’t mind posing for the camera… ahhh the good life of a kitty cat xox.




Ni-Hao Everybody! That’s Chinese for hello. My name is Yo Yo and I’m a bit of an escape artist. Lucky for me Daniele spotted me during one of my getaways and reunited me with my owner Emily.

I’m still pretty young so I haven’t quite learned about cars yet. I love to run and play and I have lots of energy, so it’s awesome that my family lives in sunny, beautiful Ranch Palos Verdes! I enjoy living life to the fullest!


Woof! Woof! and a big Hello! My name is Happy and I”m a rescue. I now live the rest of my days in comfort and love in sunny California with my mom Mary & family. I love taking walks and being spoiled.

My passion is snackin and following my mom wherever she may go. I adore being cuddled and taking naps.  The second time around is a blessing! Man I’ve got it made!


Hola everybody! My name is Kaia and my sister Nermal is right below. We used to live right next door to “Beijo” and used to have playdate’s all the time. Keep this to yourself cause we wouldn’t want to make Nermal jealous… but “Beijo” & I used to be boyfriend and girlfriend he’s so cute!

Anyhow, being a kitty is great! I love my mom Veronica and mi poppi Jeff. We live in sunny California and adore living near the beach.

What’s up to all my buddies out there! I’m Nermal sister of Kaia above, she thinks I don’t now about “Beijo” but I do it’s cool… he really wasn’t my type anyway. No worries I love being single! I enjoy sunning myself in the window and getting into mischief.

It’s great being kitty I’m out! MEOW


Hello my name is River nice to meet you! I enjoy being outside,long walks by the water and being cuddled. I love having my picture taken…

Today I got to pose for this one by the famous photographer Rodney Washington! Man that man has a way with a camera! I live in sunny, beautiful northern California you should come for a visit.


Hello everyone! I’m SaShee ( Eva was my old name ) and I was just adopted! My new mommie’s name is Louise and we live in sunny California. I have a brand new pink bed as well as my new home.

I love being snuggled and adored. I am a total princess and now I finally have my castle to enjoy. It’s great being loved and most of all wanted xox.


Greetings everyone! My name is Henry and I’m a rescue. I have just found my forever home with my new loving family. I’m soooo we found each other. I live in sunny California and I now have a big yard to run and play in anytime I want.

Life is great! I’m looking forward to creating wonderful new memories with my awesome family… it’s great to be wanted and loved.




Greetings everybody my name Toby! I’m a Maltese and live in sunny California with my mom, brothers and fellow pet cat Shadow.

I am full of energy and love going for walks and playing with Shadow… well I’m playing, but to him most of the time I’m just getting on his nerves. All I can say is it’s great being a dog!





Greetings everyone! My name is Constance I live in sunny Orange County. I love long walks on the beach and being cuddled by my mom. My days are filled to the brim with love now that I have my family.

I’m a rescue and boy am I glad my family found me I only wish the same for all the other kitties and doggies out there that haven’t found their forever home yet.. don’t give up hope I know there is some special family waiting to spoil you rotten xox.


Whoo Hoo I found my family! Hello everybody my name is Leila formerly known as Molly. This is my new family that adopted me in beautiful sunny California.

I not only have a new family but they come with a yard for me run around in and yummy snacks from the kitchen and I get fought over at bedtime about who is gonna snuggle with me… man I’ve got it made!



Hello everyone! My name is Jasmin and I’m a Blonde Retriever. I’m 11 yrs. old and found the love of my life Michele. Don’t get me wrong I love my dad Richard too… but I’m a mommies girl. I love going for my walks with my little brother Thermo at our local dog park, snuggle time and my treats… Whoo Hoo I’m a sucker for those yummy treats! I’m sooo glad my mom and I found each other, the second half of life is my favorite part so far. I wish for everybody to have a loving home like me.




Howdy! I’m Thermo that’s short for Thermopylae I’m a 2 yr. old German Shepherd. I know I have a big name for someone so young but trust me I’ll grow into it. I love my big sister Jasmin (above) and going for walks, my chew toys and doggie day care. I’m a social butterfly, and adore my family It’s my job to keep everybody safe and protected. I love being a dog WOOF! Peace out.




Jerry 2 month old adorable puppy. Sweet nature and  enthusiastically ready to please any new family. He’s ready to be a new addition to your home and loved ones.






Kaylla 6 months baby girl very sweet, playful and ready to be spoiled rotten. Great with kids and other dogs. She willmake a great addition to any loving home. 



Adam 6 month old baby boy brother of Kaylla above. Also very sweet and playful. Great with kids and other dogs. He will be a fantastic edition to any loving home.



William 4 years old very sweet and playful. Calm personality not a barker at all. Would be perfect for someone who wanted a quiet inside pet. Great with dog of all sizes, kids and other people. Already house broken and crate trained.







Hello everybody, my name is Sophie and I’m 9 months old. I live in beautiful R.PV. California. I love snuggling and playing with my toy mice. My favorite past times are my naps and climbing my kitty condo it’s great being a kitty!