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What a wonderful way to celebrate your pets and love ones!

Jaiden Age 6 “This is my favorite book for story time. I love the pictures and the CD helps me read better.”





Daniel Age 7 with his book report on “Adventures Of Beijo The Brave”

“Beijo helped me get an A on my book report for school.”







(sample illustrations from the book)

I’m so excited to share the first book in a series of 10  Adventures Of Beijo The Brave” Backyard Adventure. In this first, installment, Beijo is going to share with you his “Backyard Adventure.” Beijo is a little cat with a big appetite for love, life, friendship and adventure!

This book teaches and encourages children of all ages to respect animals as fellow beings on this planet. Humane treatment of animals starts mainly with children learning to acknowledge animals as individuals with needs and feelings just like them.

When you purchase Adventures Of Beijo The Brave”. You are helping to support adoptions of animals from various animal rescue organizations. This book is bringing about awareness of the subject of animal cruelty and supporting bringing it to an end.

“Adventures Of Beijo The Brave”, is a 32 page book with awesome watercolor illustrations. It features a narrated CD, so children can independently read along. There’s also draw and color pages, and a fantastic contest where friends of Beijo can write their own adventure for Beijo.

The winner will be announced on the website featuring the winners story for a month.

I hope you enjoy sharing this with your family just as much as Beijo and I enjoyed writing it. All books include shipping and handling. $25 US – $30 INTERNATIONAL.

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Happy reading everyone! Remember Pets Rule!