Beijo’s Membership Club

Now you can have your own Beijo membership card.

Beijo’s membership card gets you discounts on books, parties, Beijo gear and lots more…

* To receive a membership you must

1. Belong to Beijo’s corner emailing list (join at Beijo’s corner)

2. ( minimum of 2 Beijo items purchased to qualify ) Have bought a book in the last year and any other Beijo corner merchandise

3. Participated in writing a Beijo adventure of your own and submitted it


2 Responses to Beijo’s Membership Club

  1. verĂ³nica says:

    daniele, we loved your book – it was so touching. thank you so much for sharing beijo’s story,
    verĂ³nica, jeff, kaia & nermal

    • admin says:

      Ohhh thank you soooo much! Beijo and I are so grateful. We appreciate you guys, please pass it along to all who you think can benefit from it. Daniele & Beijo

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