“Hmm… Could Your PET Be A TAX DEDUCTION?”

money cat


Yep you heard me RIGHT your precious Fido or Kitty may be able to help save you some much needed $$$ INTERESTED?… Check it out!

First things first, even though your pet is your baby in every sense of the meaning and you love and cherish their little bones. The only dependent exemptions the I.R.S. gives are HUMAN ones sorry 🙁 but…

Even if pets aren’t the perfect tax breaks in all situations there are limited circumstances in which you might be able to deduct some of their expenses. Here are a few.

1. If You Need a Guide Animal

Pet medical care isn’t deductible, but if you need a guide animal for your own health, the expenses of keeping that animal become eligible medical expenses. Those costs include food, veterinary care, grooming and other expenses that the guide animal needs to give you assistance. In addition, therapy animals can also qualify, as long as you’ve received a medical diagnosis for a condition for which you need the animal. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to overcome the special threshold for deducting medical expenses — 10 percent of adjusted gross income for those under age 65 — before you can deduct guide-animal costs.

2. If You Use a Guard Animal

The IRS has allowed taxpayers to deduct expenses for guard animals protecting business property. Watchdogs are prime candidates for this deduction, as long as the dog is of an appropriate breed and you can document your expenses and the amount of time the dog spends on guard duty.

Sorry guys Chihuahua’s don’t count… although don’t tell them that.

3. If You Move

If you move, you can deduct special expenses of moving your pets as long as the overall move qualifies for moving-expense deductions generally. Typically, the move has to be for work purposes, and your new job has to be at least 50 miles further away from your previous home than your old job was. If you qualify, the deduction is available even if you don’t itemize, although a special form is necessary to claim the deduction.

4. If You’re in a Pet Rescue Program With an Animal Shelter

Many animal shelters are nonprofit organizations, so if you agree to provide a pet a foster home, you might be able to write off some of your expenses as charitable donations. In addition to pet food, vet bills, and supplies, you can also get a modest write-off for vehicle mileage. However, be sure to keep good records and get an acknowledgement of your work from the shelter in question, or else the IRS might challenge your claim.

5. If Your Pet Turns Into a Profession

Some pet owners are able to turn their love of animals into a moneymaking profession. Whether it’s racing horses, showing dogs or breeding animals of all sorts, you might be able to count some or all of your pet expenses against the income they generate.

A lot rides on whether you’re considered to have a business or merely a hobby. Hobby losses are deductible only to the extent you have gains, and you have to treat hobby losses as a miscellaneous deduction, which can limit the amount you can actually claim. The hurdle for establishing a legitimate business is higher, but you may be able to deduct all of your expenses for a business, even if it results in a net loss.

Every situation is different, and you should work with a tax professional before claiming any of these expenses in your own specific case. Nevertheless, if any of these situations applies to you, you might be able to turn your pet into a nice tax break come April ISN’T THAT COOL? 🙂


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“How To Get Your PETS To FOCUS!…”

Feb.Article 2015







Does Fido or Kitty have you thinking they have a touch of ADHD? (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Well… Let’s see if they really do. It may just be a case of youth, stubborness, or extreme enthusiasm. Whatever the case may be IT CAN BE WORKED OUT.

Everybody appreciates having the pepper! What I mean is being ENERGETIC is AWESOME! But being able to FOCUS is even better.

Believe it or not being able to focus whether you are a pet or human is a great advantage to your health. It actually balances your whole health system. It regulates breathing, healthy heart rhythms, blood circulation, enhanced brain activity and much, much more. Plus, to be honest it’s easier  and more pleasant to be around individuals who are balanced… Right?

Also did you know teaching your pet to focus is safer for them and you? Think about it if Fido or Kitty is flipping out and a emergency occurs, danger or something else unforeseen  are you confident that your pet will hear and obey your voice in the around chaos and focus on you? Sound impossible well it’s not.

If you start practicing your focusing exercises with your pet now you will have be better prepared for situations like the above mentioned.

So how do you do it? I’m glad you asked. This is one of the essential things I teach all of my clients when I first start working with them and I believe in it strongly. It is crucial to know with confidence in an emergency that your pet will listen to you. Because to be honest you probably will be freaking out yourself so this is important.

First things first you must build trust with your pet. I call these my trust exercises and I’ll give you a taste right now… but to do it justice you really need to sign up and work with me so I can show you in more detail… BELIEVE ME IT IS SO WORTH IT.

1. A pet who trusts you will obey you no matter what is going on (YES this includes CATS too guys… but it takes a little longer for a cat). One of my favorite exercises to do is take your pet in a room that has one exit like a bedroom and have affection time together for about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. After you have done that leave the pet in the room alone and shut the door. Go away for about 10 minutes and when the time is up come back open the door and be extremely happy to see them. Elevate your voice and give lots of affection for about 5 minutes.

3. Close the door with them in it again and leave for a longer period of time about 15 minutes. When you come back this time start calling them and speaking to them as you are getting closer to the door. When open the door tell them that you will always come back for them… believe it or not they will understand you.

4. Now, I usually have people practice the first 3 steps for one week everyday before I give #4  The next step is to wait until your pet is in another room settled down… probably sleeping and randomly call them to the room where you are. When they come PRAISE them and greet them with major enthusiasm. Do this about 3 or 4 times a day.

What this is doing is getting the pet to trust when they come to you the reward will be affection and a sense of security because they are wanted and they have a place they belong and it’s associated with pleasure.

5. Now after you’ve practiced these 4 steps for about 2 weeks. It’s time to take it outdoors. Start first in an enclosed yard and wait until Fido or Kitty is engrossed in something (this time have treats with you) Then call to them with a visual of them outside. When they come give lots, and lots of PRAISE and a cookie. Do this until the time they come inside is under 10 to 15 seconds.

6. Next try this exercise again but this time you are indoors with a visual of them outdoors but make sure they can’t see you and call to them. When they come greet them with enthusiasm and a cookie.

7. If this is going well try it again but go away from the door into another part of the house and call to them so when they come inside they have to find you. When they find you give PRAISE with great enthusiasm. This will associate this exercise with PLEASURE and that’s what we want.

With consistency this will help your pet FOCUS on you wherever you are and whoever is around. YES IT TAKES TIME but boy is it worth it. I know you guys love your pets but as I always say love is not enough. You must lay the foundation of training and discipline to have a well rounded pet… and more importantly a SAFE PET.


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“Aren’t You & Your PETS Worth it?…”

ARE YOU READY For Something NEW?…



Something FREE?

Something FRESH?

And most importantly… Something that you WANT & NEED that’s right within your reach?

Well Look No FURTHER… THIS IS FOR YOU!  “Ask Daniele… Your Personal PET Behaviorist”  askdaniele4pets.com



askdanielebanner-vers4COME BY & CHECK IT OUT! Ask your questions & Book your Personal Pet Session Today askdaniele4pets.com or        (310) 743-9643


Well… There’s a reason for the  “I know something you don’t” smirk I have on my face 🙂

DRUMS PLEASE!… Introducing “Ask Daniele… Your Personal Pet Behaviorist” this is the new direction for our brand… don’t worry “Beijo’s Corner” still exists and is a vital part of our pet community with all of your articles, events and social networking intact but now BETTER THAN EVER!

So many of you have told me you wish you could have PERSONAL access to me to answer all your pet questions when they come up. Well now you can!

We have completed our brand by combining “Beijo’s Corner” & “Ask Daniele 4 Pets” to give our loyal following… YOU what you WANT! You asked and I listened with both ears and more importantly my heart!

This is your opportunity to be heard, have fun and get the questions you want and need answered about your pets.

Just think you could have your pet challenge solved with a step by step process that’s accurate, fun & personalized specifically to fit you and your pet instead of trying to figure it out on your own. or worse going to all the pet stores and getting general information about your furry family member that only works half of the time…. HOW FRUSTRATING!

Don’t get me wrong all pet stores PETCO, PET SMART ect.. are GREAT! We work with & support them all… but they deal in generalities and your pet is an individual with it’s own individual personality and needs and should be treated as such.

This ESPECIALLY is true of rescues,… as many of you know. These animals have already been through so much and are usually the ones who are misunderstood because of their behaviors and unfortunately are the ones who lose their homes FIRST.

People have good hearts but soon grow frustrated because they don’t know what to do, where to begin or how to go about it. This is my SPECIALTY! To be able to unlock the mystery of the behavior in your pets with clarity, solve the challenge, restore harmony and then bridge the communication gap so all involved know with confidence that they have been heard… and better yet understood.

Everybody acts better when they’re confident that they’ve been acknowledged and understood right?

So… What kind of questions are you going to ask I wonder?… Maybe

cat clawing couch


Is Kitty using your furniture or anything else of yours you value as it’s own scratching post? I’ll show you how to prevent this and many other issues so you & Kitty can coexists in harmony together



barking dog 6

Is Fido’s Barking wearing your ears out? I’ll explain why Fido is barking and then communicate to him/her when it’s appropriate and not appropriate to bark bringing peace to everyone.




agressive cat 1


Does Kitty need an attitude adjustment? There’s a reason for Kitty grumpy disposition, I’ll show you how to communicate peace to Kitty and have them purring like a kitten.



dog jumping on people 1


Tired of being mowed over by Fido as soon as you come in the door? I’ll teach you & Fido some much needed Doggie etiquette and help him/her express their love and excitement in a calmer manner.


I’m soooo EXCITED! I can’t wait to hear from all of you.


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“All I Want For CHRISTMAS Is…”


December 3014 Article


HO! HO! HO! Woof, Woof, Meow! Look at what Santa left us! Did somebody say CHRISTMAS?

Oh Yeah Baby! It’s my favorite time of the year.  So do you know what’s on your pets Christmas list? More of the same please. More Treats! More Squeaky Toys! More Catnip Mice & Feather toys, More Lovin from the oven period, More Blankies & cuddle beds… and just MORE, MORE, MORE! Especially more of your LOVE & AFFECTION.

Trust us we know what’s going on and are fully ready to participate, so PLEASE DON’T LEAVE US OUT.

Make sure we have our best Christmas sweaters on and Bows for our collars and ect… to greet guests when they come over for visits and parties. Pets love being part of the action. Please don’t underestimate Fido or Kitties intelligence to recognize the season.

Believe it or not when you include your pets in some holiday festivities they tend to behave better this time of year than to exclude them from the fun.

Make sure to have special treats prepared just for them when you’re enjoying some holiday yummies of your own. Try to give them their goodies the same time you’re having yours so they can feel included.

Of course they know that you are having something different to eat but usually if you present their goodies to them with great enthusiasm they’re satisfied… and yes this doesn’t mean that they will still won’t want to partake in some of what you’re having and a little of that is okay just as long as it’s just a little and not harmful to them.

Make sure to have special bowls just for these holiday treats and dinners. Oh and don’t forget special place mats too. Have Fido or Kitty dressed with a little Holiday Flare for the special day and take lots of pictures of your fur babies for keepsakes.

Oh one more thing… Beijo loves to unwrap some of his gifts just like we do. So feel free to loosely wrap your pet presents too! Make sure to have your cell phones ready to record all the action they’ll love it.

Now this next part is necessary for all responsible pet parents WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! 

Make sure to keep an extra eye out for Christmas safety with your fur babies… you know how nosey they can be and some times those noses get them into trouble.

CHOCOLATE – This is deadly to dogs & cats DO NOT SHARE EVER! Hide it because it can cause severe liver damage among other things and in some cases death depending on how much they eat.

Holly – This Christmas beauty if eaten will cause intense vomiting, diarrhea and in some cases mental depression will occur.

Mistletoe – This plant will cause difficulty breathing, slowed heart rate, vomiting, diarrhea and in some cases death.

Poinsettia – This plant can cause irratation to the mouth and vomiting.

Also these are some across the board precautions for a harmonious, safe Christmas for everybody. 

Put breakable ornaments & candy canes up high on the tree and make sure they are anchored on a sturdy tree branch and cannot be easily knocked off.

Especially for the kitty owners out there. Make sure their are no decorations on lower bottom of your Christmas tree. This will help deter kitty from smacking them around. Believe it or not if you leave a little exposed tree skirt for kitty to lay on they tend to have more respect for the tree and will just lay under it enjoying the outdoors coming indoors.

Something that also works for kitty get a little tree just for them somewhere in the vicinity of your big tree and sprinkle the very bottom branches and tree skirt with catnip. Having their own little tree helps them leave your tree alone because they have their own territory… hey it’s a kitty thing.

We at Beijo’s Corner want to wish you and yours a FANTASTIC HOLIDAY SEASON! Until next time…


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“YEAH… I’m SPOILED And I Know It!”

Nov. Article 2014


You should know all pampered pets believe this on the inside…. and why shouldn’t they? Unlike spoiled children who often result in being brats. Spoiled pets are Content and enjoy a Fantastic, Wonderful life.

Spoiling your pet simply means doing everything you can to make sure they are happy and healthy.

The truth is most of us think our pets are so adorably cute that the mere image of them evokes an uncontrollable type of love impulse out of us that we begin speaking in high pitch baby voices that result in making us a big mushy ball of gooey affection.

Now the question is…. Do you think our pets know what type of reaction their cuteness is having on us?

Well of course they do! Have you ever noticed when you start speaking in your isn’t he/she cute voice your pet really starts to lay the heavy pet antics?  I mean we’re talking looking at you upside down with one paw over their eyes and rolling back and forth on their backs with their best come hither face possible.

When our pets see and hear us respond to them with such love they eat it up! They love it! Which in turn makes us love them even more. So do you think there’s a little manipulation involved?

Of course there is. Any pet worthy of being called spoiled usually knows how to get that extra treat or squeak toy out of us. It’s okay really it is, the fact of the matter is you want to have such a strong connection with your pet that they feel comfortable communicating with you.

For example the more connected you are to your pet the more you know them and they know you. So if for instance if something is off, or your pet is sick, sad or just not feeling themselves you will know immediately. Our pets have different moods just like we do and sometimes they need a little extra affection or play time or they just want to hang closer with you.

These feelings and many more are easily communicated and understood when you have a spoiled pet. They will feel more confident to communicate how they feel to you because they know you care.

When you have a close relationship with your spoiled pet the trust level is through the roof! They understand they are part of your family and they know they are not just a Dog or Cat.

Did you know that when your pet is confident in this way it actually affects their health? It’s true it does! It has been scientifically proven happy, loved pets live longer and usually are healthier.

Pets and people really aren’t that different you know. Don’t you look& feel  better when you know someone deeply cares and loves you? Don’t you realize that health is directly connected to your overall health?

So when you spoil you pets you’re actually enhancing your health also…. Isn’t that cool?

Giving in this this way is giving to yourself too! It’s a WIN WIN situation for everyone involved. So I say spoil away there’s enough love for everybody and hopefully the more you spoil your pets someone will spoil you too 🙂

So the next time someone accuses you of having a spoiled pet OWN IT! Proudly state they belong to me and I belong to them.


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“How To Deal With PET JEALOUSY Issues…”

jealous bulldog1









Has the Green eyed monster made an appearance in your furry family member yet? Oh yeah… didn’t you know pets have jealous tendencies just like we do.

As a matter of fact when pets are jealous they make it very clear how they’re feeling and who it is they are feeling that way about.

So what’s a loving pet owner to do? Well before you pull your hair out…

First things first. Whether your pet is jealous of another pet or a human the goal is to convey the message to them that the spot they hold in your heart is just for them and no one could possibly take their place.

Secondly they have to learn AND LEARN IT EARLY in your relationship that they have to share you. One of the main mistakes I see pet owners make is when they recognize their pet is having jealous issues they ignore it or tease them and make fun of the situation… BIG MISTAKE!

This only reinforces  your pets behavior to act this way and trust me you don’t want that.

When your pet is behaving jealously it is because he or she has claimed you as their territory and they’re saying HEY THIS BELONGS TO ME! This is especially common if your pet is a rescue or if you don’t socialize them with other animals and people.

A lot of times rescues especially have had rough life before you got them and they had to fight for everything… I mean EVERYTHING, Food, Water, Shelter and Safety it’s a war zone out there in the big bad world guys and you have to learn to be tough or you won’t survive.

So when you adopt one of these guys and they finally figure out that this is my home, with my food and my owner who loves me… of course they don’t want to share. Or worse they’re still insecure and feel that this home is temporary and I’m going to be homeless again soon.

It makes sense this primal response in pets. Sometimes pets will act this way towards other people in your life as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called because a pet doesn’t get along with someone’s spouse or other family members.

I mean I’ve had situations where pets are peeing and pooping in the persons shoes that they are jealous of… or worse trying to bite them EEEK!

Are you single? Well a pet is a great way to add to your family and your life. Just keep in mind all that attention you’re giving them is wonderful but make sure to introduce them to other animals and people or you’re going to have an issue on your hands.

I can’t tell you how many times a pet has growled at new love or family member when it was bedtime and they had to share the bed. Most scenario’s go like this… it’s time for bed everybody gets their jammies on and Fido or Kitty is laying right in the spot where your significant other is supposed to lay… and as soon as that person or pet tries to get in the bed guess what? You got it attitude central.

The only way to diffuse this kind of situation is slowly. If your pet is acting possessive because of another animal or human it’s because they’ve got to share their best treasure in the whole world YOU.

 Be patient here and for God sakes don’t yell or become aggressive with your furry baby.

If the object of jealousy is another animal start off by having both animals sit peacefully together (not too close at first one on one side of you and the other on the other side of you) start petting your pet first and the other pet also make sure to speak sweetly to both and give cookies first to your pet and then to the other animal. Make sure to continually stroke and pet your pet and observe them closely while doing this.

When your pet starts to growl say “NO” and continue stroking them but make sure both animals stay seated.

Soon you will see the growling will stop and other antics… such as smacking with the paw or biting. Whatever you do here stay calm and consistently reinforce that your pet has to share.

Depending on how stubborn your pet is will determine how long a time your in for. Be consistent and soon they will come around.

Getting Fido or Kitty to accept and share you with another person is a little more tricky. The most important thing here is the other person in your life CANNOT PUSH THEMSELVES on your pet. That would make your pet act out worse because they would feel in some way betrayed by you and we never want to do that.

The best way I’ve found to begin including another person into you family circle is to first properly introduce them to your pet (hopefully they are an animal lover) then have them participate in pleasurable activities such as play time and walks. Take turns letting them hold the leash and interact with toys… and for God sakes DON’T FORGET THE TREATS!

Have them come over at least 2 to 3 times a week for about 2 months consistently and make the interaction as pleasurable as possible. Also try having your guest buy them a gift and have them present it to your pet in your presence with lots of affection. After all everybody loves gifts :).

If this goes well then you can try your guest spending the night make sure your pet feels included and is not kicked off the bed entirely or out the room. This way they will feel they are not being neglected. Keep in mind they still won’t be thrilled with the idea of sharing but with time they will adjust.

Everything in this scenario depends primarily on you pet owner… your reaction, persistence and consistency will determine the outcome here. You have to out will your furry family member to be successful. After awhile  they will see this new pet or person coming around isn’t a threat to their world and they will accept them on some level.

They may not be as close to them as you want but they will be able to act civil toward them… and I’m sure you can live with that 🙂 until next time…


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“Did You Know YOUR PET Is A MIRROR Of You?…”

sept. article pic

Yep it’s true…. Maybe you’re not the splitting image of your pet, or even have some obvious similarities as our article pic here but I can promise you the mirror between you & your pet is present somewhere in your being. If it’s not on the outside then it’s definitely on the inside… or both.

This is the main reason they chose us or we chose them in the first place. So does this mean we all have blown up ego’s because all we want to do is duplicate ourselves? It’s quite the contrary I can assure you.

What I have observed in all my years as a Pet Behaviorist… and yes all my Beijo clients already know what I’m going to say.  Pets bring out the truth in us. They are the very mirror of our soul… it’s a very spiritual thing.

Sometimes, actually a lot of times a pet is the only being that can get through to a person ( Oh thank GOD for that). They are sometimes the only one we feel we can trust to be ourselves without judgement in this more than often cynical, critical, quick to judge world without compassion.

Those little, or big bundles of fur know exactly what to do to get into your heart. I’ll give you an example, awhile back there was a movie called “As Good As It Gets” with Jack Nicholson (it’s an awesome movie if you haven’t seen it).

Anyhow, Jack’s character was a very rude, unpleasant individual who had very serious social issues and didn’t get along with people at all. One day his gay neighbor had an accident and couldn’t care for his beloved little dog (who Jack’s character had just put down the trash chute in his apartment complex by the way)  and Jack was asked to keep the little dog until his owner got back home from the hospital.

Long story short, Jack’s character ended up becoming very attached and falling in love with the little dog. By the time the owner returned home he didn’t want to give the dog back… and not only that the dog had become attached to him too.

So what happened here? Well the little dog ended up taking on some of Jack’s habits & personality traits (mirroring him) such as not stepping on the cracks on the sidewalk when they went for walks. Well, of course this melted him down to the ground and he fell in love with the little dog knowing he wouldn’t be judged because of his issues.

This is what I mean, the dog  just accepted and loved him and that’s the gift all our pets give us is consistent unconditional love 24/7 and it’s AWESOME!

So a lot of times when I start working with clients I look to the animal to see the truth. Whatever is going on with the animal is going on somehow, somewhere with with the human. Help the human and you help the animal it’s how it works folks… TRULY IT IS.

That’s the simple version… of course it’s a little more complicated than this but you get the point. This is why when I first start working with a client I ask the question”Why did you pick this pet?” Most of the time believe it or not the owner of the pet doesn’t know.

Pets have no filters. This is what I love about them they are brutally honest. “I like you, I don’t like you, I’m hungry, I’m scared or I don’t trust you. Also pets feel and express the things we hide. For example… Are you a control freak? Well, you may portray that to the world but I bet at home your pet gets to SEE and FEEL the real you… and as a result he/she probably has anxiety issues because of this.

Another great point here to mention is sometimes people get pets with personalities they wish they had. For example Are you shy… but secretly want to be an extrovert? You might be attracted to a people person kind of pet because inside you want to be that way and you may or may not be aware of it.

It’s a very interesting concept isn’t it? Whether we are aware of it or not our pets are speaking the truth for us and isn’t it wonderful? One way or another we are communicating what we need and who we are 🙂

Sometimes the help you want and need comes to you covered in fur 🙂 as I’ve said and will continue saying “Pets are the best THERAPISTS you’re ever going to get for free.”

I LOVE WHAT I DO! I feel privileged and honored every time I get the opportunity to do it. So THANK YOU to all of you! You are in my heart and GREATLY, GREATLY APPRECIATED!


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“Why Are Pets Such BED HOGS?…”


Aug.2014 article

Is your pet a BED HOG? Well mine is…. Take a look at the evidence in the picture above  in this month’s article.

Yep you got it that’s BEIJO on the left spokesperson and image of Beijo’s Corner himself all sprawled out for his afternoon nap on our California King size bed.

Sometimes I think he thinks he owns the joint… Actually it’s pretty ADORABLE and he definitely knows he’s loved and a pampered pet. AHHHH (sigh) can I get a high five from all the owners of spoiled pets out there?… I know I’m not alone 🙂

So I ask you… How common do you think this is? The answer pretty doggone common. It seems like there is some invisible rule of the universe when you find your adorable pet curled up somewhere looking extra cute you don’t move them. Even if that place is on you. I mean I’ve had people tell me stories of how their arm fell asleep from holding their pet because they didn’t want to move to interrupt the cuteness. C’mon we’ve all done it!

These little or BIG bundles of fur find a way into our hearts and melt us down to our knees with their cute snugly ways.

I have to mention that there are boundaries that should be observed here. First of all ladies (or gentlemen) you have to reserve your husband’s or wife’s place in the bed okay? Sometimes the truth of the matter is the  one last in the bed gets squeezed out. I do mean literally there isn’t any room left for them to get in and pets have to be taught to share. Setting boundaries will save you from any territorial challenges and jealousy in the future.


Having Beijo express his BED HOG tendencies I personally wouldn’t have it any other way. Having your heart overcome by cuteness and love is so worth it and your pets give way more than they take.

So why not wave your I belong to a spoiled pet flag? I know I’m proud to say I do.

When you see a pet sprawled out somewhere in your home it means they are completely secure in knowing they belong and that they are loved. Especially for you cat owners out there.

Did you know cats don’t expose their underbelly unless they feel completely safe? In the wild this is a very vulnerable area that could cost them their lives so it’s never exposed easily… shucks most cats won’t even let you pet or rub their tummy’s because of this (Beijo does by the way… but that took time and trust).

When your pet begins to flaunt his or her BED HOGNESS it means they know they are family. It’s a sign you’re doing the right thing folks! Animals never fake! I love this about them because they are brutally honest. If they are hungry you’ll know it. If they’re scared, or angry they’ll let you know. If they like you…. you’ll know. The same for if they don’t… you’ll know it.

If your pet is showing this type of behavior (Expressing BED HOGGING) it’s an HONOR for you it means you’re worthy of being trusted. It means they know you won’t harm them and because of this they are confident where they belong and they are not afraid to show it.

So the next time you come in a room and find your furry family member being a BED HOG… Do what the rest of us do grab a camera or take a video and share it proudly with other pet parents 🙂 until next time…


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“How Can U Tell If Your PETS PAWS Are Being ROASTED?…”

animals dogs glasses sunglasses focus depth of field pets 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_47



WHEW it’s HOT! Let’s see am I prepared for the sun? Yep… Slathered on plenty of sunscreen?… Check. Got my hat?…. Check. Got some water?…. Check. Okay looks like I’m ready, I’ll grab the leash and here we go!

Wait a second guys… Is your pet also prepared for the sizzling sun outside?

Most people don’t even think twice about how hot the burning concrete outside can be on your pets paws. One thing is for sure your pet probably won’t let you know they’re in discomfort or in some cases pain until later on. So how can you tell if they are? 

Well for starters all skips while walking doesn’t mean your pet is happy or excited. On a hot day this body language often indicates your pets paws are burning and they are in discomfort, but they are so excited to be with you and out that in most cases they don’t complain until it’s too late… or in some cases they never do.

I see this all too often. A pet owner is all decked out for the sun and walking happily along with their pet totally unaware of how their pet is walking. Their head held high focusing on where they are going and what they have to do, leash in hand and just walking along. 

Did you know if the concrete is too hot for you stand on it in your bare feet it’s too hot hot for your furry friends also?

The average temperature of concrete on a hot summer day is around 120 degrees or higher WOWSA OUCH! Your pets paws are very, very sensitive with multiple nerve endings in them and can be badly burned and blistered.

To avoid this from happening you PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME UNTIL IT COOLS OFF! 

It you have to go outside consider purchasing some doggie boots. They come in various sizes, colors and styles and are perfect for the canine fashionista. Or for our smaller doggies and cats get a pet stroller, your furry friend might not get the exercise you’ve intended … but they can be pushed around in style while being shielded from the sun.

Last but not least purchase paw soothing ointment for your pets. I personally recommend Jo Jo”s natural peppermint paw cream. It’s 100% organic and all natural. Or you can try Only natural pets herbal ointment. Both are excellent products for burnt pawsies and can be applied to paws after too much sun.

One more thing before you leave out the door don’t forget to take a collapsable bowl for your pet to drink water from and plenty of aqua. Pets need to hydrate extra often on hot days.

BEIJO PET TIP… Make doggie & Kitty popsicles for the summer 🙂 Take unsalted chicken broth (or your pets favorite broth… just make sure it’s sodium free) and dilute with filtered water and freeze into ice cubes. Get a special treat dish and serve! Soon your pet will look forward to it when you go to the freezer… just like Beijo does.

Enjoy the sun everybody be safe and take care of each other… REMEMBER PETS RULE!

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“How To Successfully COMMUNICATE A Timeout To Your Pet”

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Yes I know we all love our fur babies, those adorable moments and funny antics that bring us so much joy… but what do you do when one of those naughty moments occur and it isn’t so funny anymore?

Well, first of all I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND take a moment and BREATHE & CALM DOWN PLEASE! There is no need to yell and flip out or worse hit your pet… IT IS NOT NECESSARY and it makes everything worse because now you have diminished the trust they have in you and you have created fear…. FEAR OF YOU and we don’t want that EVER!

So it depends on what kind of moment we’re talking about here. Was it destructive? Like one of your valuables got chewed up or destroyed? Or maybe your pet left a deposit for you somewhere other than the litter box or outside. Or worse… you got scratched or bitten.

All of these behaviors indicate your pet is trying to communicate with you and they have decided this is the best way to get your attention. Since pets can’t communicate verbally with us they use behaviors to talk to you. The key here is to understand what they are saying and then successfully communicate back.

If you learn how to communicate with your pet most of these challenges will stop. Let’s take the example of our 2 pets featured in this month’s article.

The kitty obviously has an attitude with her owner about something. I bet her owner doesn’t clean her litter box enough on a regular basis. Believe it or not cats like their litter box kept clean.

Yeah I know the pet store told you that you only have to clean it every other day or 2 but think about this if your cat was wild and outside I promise you they wouldn’t go to the same enclosed area time after time to use the bathroom. Sometimes they don’t even go to the same location. Cats basically like things to be clean, including themselves this is one of the reasons why they’re always grooming.

One of the ways to fix this challenge is to DUH clean the litter box everyday, but don’t just clean it engage in conversation with your pet while cleaning it (using an affectionate tone of voice) and let them see how much you love them and how you’re doing this to please them.

They will understand. Just to prove what I’m saying to you if you start doing this with your cat. Right after you finish cleaning the litter box they will go in to use it. This is a sign of your pet communicating to you their appreciation I PROMISE 🙂

Our other pic is a doggie who is less than pleased with his owner for leaving him alone so he acted out. This is a case of separation anxiety and the dog is communicating by going to the bathroom on your most prized possessions… your bed and computer.

In his mind these are objects of great importance to you because you pay a lot of attention to them, so what better way to get attention from you then to leave something so individual as his urine.

So what do you do? Well let me say this your pet already knows he’s in trouble when you get home especially when you’ve found what he’s left for you. Pets are highly intelligent and sensitive to us. They know when you’re angry, sad, anxious and afraid. First call your pet over and tell them you are not happy with this behavior and it is unacceptable (in a low serious voice).

Then I would suggest having a timeout space prepared for such moments. This place should consistently be used only for time outs and should be pretty bare. No toys or food or any pleasure of any kind. An ideal place could be a gated off area enclosure or a separate room away from you. When you find the mess don’t say BAD BOY OR GIRL in some pets this just makes the issue worse.

Escort your pet WITHOUT SPEAKING to his timeout spot and leave him without saying a word. Keep your pet there for no more than 10 minutes. This will give you time to calm down and clean up the mess.

When you let your pet out be calm and use a calm voice so they understand you are no longer upset with them. Tell them they don’t have to act out that their home is safe and you love them (sound crazy? well it’s not! Your pet will feel what you are saying). Be affectionate with your pet and make a plan how to leave them next time.

Such as if you know you’re pet is having anxiety before you leave reassure your pet all is well and use some calming drops,  put on some LOW soft Jazz on in the home as background noise and leave your pet in a crate or in a designated room with dim lighting to relax. As soon as you return let them out and reassure them all is well. 

Usually this will work and after awhile after your pet has relaxed and gotten use to this routine eventually they can be trusted to be left to roam free in the home. Of course each pet is an individual and if you have a pet with severe anxiety issues please contact us so we can give you the help and assistance you need.

Beijo’s Corner specializes in all of your pet challenges with 1 on 1 attention that you and your pet want, need and deserve. We truly believe there is no bad pet just a misunderstood one and we are here to bridge the communication gap so you can have the pet of your dreams!


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