“Why Letting PETS In The Bed BENEFITS YOU & THEM :)”












Is this a familiar scene at your house? Well it is at mine 🙂 YES Beijo is in the bed with me and my husband… it would feel foreign to me if he wasn’t. Before some of you get all worked up let me say sleeping with your pets IS NOT for everyone, but…. if you have a pet that’s well groomed (clean) absent of parasites and a compatible personality to you it’s well worth the try.

There are a couple of rules to go by before you do this. First as I mentioned you should start with your pet being clean and groomed (a good wipe down if they have been outside will usually do the trick). You don’t want anything drug inside from outdoors (this is where having an indoor pet like Beijo is an advantage I know where he’s been. Plus I’ve trained him to sleep all night… YES cats can be trained to sleep all night :).

Second make sure your pet is healthy with no worms or parasites that can be transferred to you and your family. Then third make sure you like to share. Pets although for the most part are average to small in size are BED HOGS! I know Beijo starts off sleeping vertically next to me then tries to switch horizontally… no biggie I just turn him around.

Fourthly I always train my animals to sleep through the night. One of the main gripes with pet owners is that when they sleep with their pets they wake them up being obnoxious etc.

To avoid this make sure everybody has gone to the bathroom so all bladders are empty before going into bed and also I give Beijo a little food before bedtime. Just enough to cause the blood to go to his tummy so he’s drowsy and in the mood to sleep.

The benefits of your pet or pets sleeping with you far out weigh the minuses of why they shouldn’t. For starters nothing bonds beings closer than sleeping together. Picture it you’re all snuggled in your positions next to each other in total comfort. You feel loved, safe and secure it’s a way better sleeping aid than any pill any day.

Plus it has been proven scientifically to lower your blood pressure and even out your heartbeat similar to relaxation therapy, so it’s a GREAT STRESS RELIEVER and everybody could use that.

I love when Beijo begins to purr the noise vibrates right through to my heart and I immediately begin to relax and breathe deeply. His long body and soft fur are spooned into me and before I know it I’ve sunken down to a very, very restful sleep. Occasionally he will snore but I find it adorable. Little coos and whistles make me smile… it’s home.

On the pets side of this usually they are spoiled rotten after you do this so caution don’t start it if you’re not going to continue doing it. Once a pet feels the comfort of the bed and sleeping with you there’s no going back…. really can you blame them?

If you cannot wrap your head around this idea of pets being in the bed it’s okay no judgement here 🙂 maybe try a soft pliable pet bed on top of the bed. For a lot of pets this is just as good and pets feel included in all the snuggle therapy just as well.

Or if you just can’t put them in the bed try to at least have their bed in the bedroom. A great trick here is to come down to their level and snuggle on their bed with them. They’ll love it and bond closely with you because you’ve created a snuggle party on their bed.

In the end what pets want is to bond closely with you and nothing does that better than sharing. Whether that be food, time, affection, beds etc. But I must be honest here nothing bonds as quickly as sharing your bed and sleeping together 🙂

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“Do Pets Actually Help You LIVE LONGER?…”















The answer is YES, YES, YES! Pets… just what the doctor ordered! It has been scientifically proven that having a pet helps to lower blood pressure, improve your mood and definitely make you smile more often which makes you a happier, healthier individual all around.

Anyone that has ever bonded with an animal knows this already, but for those of you who don’t… check it out! As I always say Pets are the BEST THERAPISTS you’re ever gonna get for FREE! They’ll listen until you get it all out. You can cry on them until their fur is wet and some have even been known to comfort you by licking your tears away.

Those little bundles of love with fur can always get into your heart like no human can. They are the perfect cure for loneliness. Who is it that can understand you without speaking a word and love you unconditionally and accept you no matter what you look like, smell like or what mood your in? Your pet that’s who!

Pets totally get us, accept us for who we are… no judgement comes from them EVER. They put up with our music, weird smells, unusual living arrangements and not to mention people. They never get asked their opinion about a matter or situation (except for Beijo I talk to him about EVERYTHING! ) but are always up for anything just as long as they can be included and  loved.

You couldn’t ask for a more loyal friend or family member for that matter. They are always glad to see you when you get home (no matter how long they have been waiting) and what a welcomed sight they are after a long hard day… a sight for sore eyes for sure.

I know personally speaking I couldn’t picture my life without Beijo. I look forward to our special times like watching my favorite movie snuggled up together, or sharing my favorite yogurt, playing hide and seek, spooning while I sleep and just having the luxury to have him around when I’m working.

My wish is for everyone to experience the unconditional love of a pet of their own and it is my mission in life to bring this to fruition. This is why it is especially harsh and cruel to just discard a pet so easily from their home because of misunderstood behavior or old age. They are jewels that should be cherished and appreciated.

Having a pet is great! For a lot of people they help get them out and walking, playing, talking and care taking for more than themselves. Pets in my opinion make a household complete… they make it a home. Nobody has ever died of loneliness having a pet around, they keep the joint jumping :).

Pets are a great companion for children (just remember to watch them carefully and teach them to respect their animal as part of the family… no abuse here please).

Or what about your elderly family member? what a great friend a pet could be for them. A lot of our elders need companionship to fill their days with joy and usefulness pets fill that space wonderfully. Not to mention they will get them to stay active.

I could go on and on how pets are beneficial to our health, emotionally as well as physically but I think you get the idea 🙂 Pets are so much more than cute fluffy things to dress up (all though that’s perfectly fine if they’re into it ). They are living beings worthy of respect and love… until next time give your fur babies a smooch & hug from me!


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rabbit catpuppy

Honestly… When’s the last time you felt like this? Aren’t pets great? Such little things get them excited and full of life. We should learn how to be more like them. I know, I know you’re probably thinking they don’t have to go to work, pay bills, deal with kids and spouses and on and on.

Of course you’re correct, but think about this for a second… Do they know something we don”t?

When was the last time you felt light and excited about something simple? Or just the sight of your family or spouse got you excited? Have we allowed the stress of everyday life to take the joy of life out of us?… Food for thought.

In this article I propose a challenge. Let’s all get our SPRING BACK! What a perfect time to do it! Plants & flowers are budding all around us, everything is blossoming and new and I think we (the humans) need to be refreshed also.

Not to be all preachy here but BALANCE is the key. We all know this right? But how with such busy schedules and exhausting days do you keep your ZING from fading away? Well I’ve been doing something lately that I want to share.

I have a career that I love but is draining sometimes because I give out sooo much mental, physical and heart energy doing it. At the end of the day when I come home to my own pet Beijo there have been times when I’m so exhausted I just want to eat something and crash. But there he is all happy to see me and wanting attention and loving… I can’t ignore my baby.

So what to do I thought? Well this is what I came up with… I take Happy Breaks! What’s a Happy Break you might ask? It something purely just for me and can be anything actually. I try to do this throughout the day but usually get in about 3 a day and they are about 3 to 5 minutes in length.

I’m generally a very peaceful, happy person by nature but even as energetic as I am I get worn out some times and these Happy Breaks really, really work. Most of the time I plan my Happy Breaks. When I’m driving in the car, or parked about to go in and see a client, or before lunch. If I can’t do that I definitely do it before I walk in the door of my home.

You know what since I’ve been purposefully taking Happy Breaks I’m less exhausted and cranky when I get home. Of course you can borrow mine, but you’ll probably want to make up your own.

How I start is taking 3 slow deep breaths in through my nose and exhale out of my mouth. The key here is to make each breath slower than the last. 

By the 3rd one I can feel my body relax and then I turn on some of my favorite music and sing along (I love to sing). Or sometimes before or after my appointments I park the car in a scenic area and walk it really puts my head in a different space. Or sometimes after my deep breaths I will just close my eyes for awhile (that one can be tricky because you have to make sure your mind doesn’t wander).

Anyhow you get the idea. No it’s not brain surgery but it does work and being consistent with it everyday gets results for you and everyone around you. It actually gives you energy… and who couldn’t use a little more of that these days?

So take a cue from your pets, kitty and fido are really on to something here. The science of Happy really comes from celebrating simple things. Taking a minute to look up from your busy daily life and enjoy it. I’d love to hear what your Happy Break is… and if you weren’t doing before by all means START!

Remember Pets Rule!

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Did you know pets celebrate LOVE all the time? So why not include them on Valentines Day. Love is Definitely in the air as far as they are concerned, it’s part of a pets unconditional love biological makeup. So what are you and your pets doing for Valentine’s day? What! You haven’t made any plans? Well maybe we can help.

First let me say we know you guys very well!… Our Beijo’s Corner Community are some of the most awesome animal lovers on the planet. So to say your pets are being loved, pampered and spoiled beyond words is an understatement for most of you. Our peeps are not the folks that say it’s just a dog or cat (and that’s the way it should be).

Pets have feelings and emotions just like the rest of us, they are living beings worthy of love, respect & understanding. Yeah we know Valentine’s Day is just a symbol, it’s a reminder to love on purpose for those who matter most to you.

I know so many people who haven’t found their soulmate, and aren’t especially close to their families… or don’t have any family at all for that matter, or any close friends. Please don’t despair a wonderful pet is waiting and wanting to be loved just by you.

One of our motto’s at Beijo’s Corner is “If you haven’t found the love of your life adopt a pet.” You’d be surprised how a furry family member can fill up your heart and cure loneliness like no human can.

I’ve had the ultimate pleasure of placing perfect matches of pets with their forever families for years (I’m available to help you if you’re interested in adopting check out beijoscorner.com under Beijo’s Adoptables and give me a call there’s someone very special waiting for you :).

For the rest of us who already have the furry loves of our lives why not participate with your pet this Valentine’s Day! Trust me they’ll love it! (SHHH! Can you keep a secret?… Beijo is getting a new kitty condo for a present).

Maybe for your pet you could  cook a special meal instead of the usual dry or canned food (check out some of Beijo’s recipes just email me and I’ll share some with you) or a new toy with a red ribbon of course, and check it out! There are some dog facilities celebrating the day (check your local calendar section under pets & activities).

What ever you do know that pets love to be included. Where do you think they got the term PARTY ANIMAL?

Know that we’re here for you guys… and that you are truly loved and appreciated, none of you are just clients to us you’re FAMILY.


Remember Pets Rule!

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“Pets Don’t Come With Instructions”









Is this a true statement or what? Sometimes I have clients asking me “Daniele why does my pet do this or that?”

Most of the time I do have the answer because there are some foundational truths that exists… but for the most part the thing I want to say, the thing I’m thinking about is a quote from one of my favorite movies Forest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re going to get.

This statement is so right on the money when it comes to pets, children, spouses and most relationships we encounter. I believe this is what makes the individual special and unique.

Basically this is what Pet Whispering is about guys. I a nutshell I observe closely the personality of your pet and listen to what they have to say and more importantly how they feel.

When one feels that they have been truly heard and understood doesn’t it make you want to cooperate and please? Doesn’t it bring a intimate closeness into your relationships? Well the same can be said for your pets. They too have personalities and feelings that need to be acknowledged and respected.

I promise you’ll get better results when you listen. At the end of the day everybody wants to feel they have been heard and understood right?

So what do you do when you get a pet that has issues? Take a deep breath and figure out what you’re dealing with (That’s my specialty by the way) What ever you do don’t discard them like a defect. The first question I always ask pet owners is why were attracted to this breed or pet?

Do you know what the most common answers I get are? Most of the time it has little to do with the animal, it’s usually all about the person and how they want to be viewed, or to fit in their lifestyle, or my favorite they’re cute. Now before you get the wrong idea here nothing is wrong with this but… I prefer you get a pet that matches you.

Meaning if you’re a hyper person that likes to run and be outdoors don’t get a mellow want to snuggle pet that wants to be indoors. Or the opposite, if you like quiet and are are pretty mellow don’t get a pet that’s naturally energetic. The result in most cases is you will clash, and the pet will end up losing their home or life and nobody wants that.

Now having said this I have seen RARE cases when a sedentary person got an active pet and it actually got them off the couch and got them moving so in cases like that it’s wonderful.

“People I say all of this to say this… before you get a pet think a little… think a lot! This is an investment for your family and your heart and theirs.”

Think about why you want them. Plan & prepare to have them… Do you have the time and finances so they won’t be neglected? If you’re just a little lonely go visit some pet fosters and get your puppy fix (call me I’ll arrange it for you) but PLEASE don’t get a pet a return it the pet will have abandonment issues, separation anxiety and be damaged emotionally I can guarantee you.

Pets are a wonderful addition to any family. They bring brand new life in so many ways, the pros definitely out weigh the cons in my opinion.

The truth of the matter is Pets make us better! They make us more patient, kind, observant, tolerant and definitely make us smile & laugh a whole lot more and who’s life couldn’t use more of that?

Most of the time I believe… NO I KNOW our hearts draw us to certain pets at certain times in our life. Like I always say Pets are the best therapists you’re ever going to get for free, they just get you. Those little faces with those eyes and wet noses know how to reach down into bottom of our hearts and fill us up in ways words can’t express. 

If you’re in that space in your life where you are ready to adopt a furry family member into your life call me I’d love to assist you on this journey it would be my honor. For a little preview go to beijoscorner.com and look under Beijo’s Adoptables there are always pets coming in and out so I am confident we can find the next love of your life.


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“What MOOD Is Your Pet In?”






Okay so it’s the Holidays and all the hustle & bustle that comes with it is in full bloom… Lights, Music, Presents, Food, Parties, Family and STRESS!

Hmmm now if all of this can get to you…. What do you think is happening to us? You got it MOODY CENTRAL! So I ask you do you know what mood your pet is in? And do you know what to do about it?

There are simple steps you can take to make sure your furry family member stays emotionally balanced during this time of year.

First of all have a great NATURAL Anxiety or Calming formula on hand (Beijo’s Corner can suggest one that perfectly fits your pet) most of these come in a liquid tincture and can be administered right into your pets mouths or water bowl. This will help take the edge of your pets nerves and prevent any problem behavior.

Second if you’re planning a party or going away and you know your pet is not a social butterfly that can be okay around a crowd of noisy people and a lot of chaos plan to put them in a separate quiet room well before the party and let them out when the house has returned to normal or board them (Beijo’s Corner has awesome boarding partners just ask & we’ll be happy to help).

If this is you make sure people don’t have access to this room. Meaning it WON’T be a good idea to make it the coat room. Leave some smooth jazz on low and have it dimly lit. Your pet will probably sleep right through everything.

If you do have a social butterfly FANTASTIC! Just make sure he/she isn’t the kind that will jump up on your guests and beg, or steal their hor d’ eurves NOBODY LIKES THAT.

Get them involved in the festivities! Such as a beautiful red bow on their collar or colorful sweater. Hats & antlers are okay only if your pet approves NO HOLIDAY TORTURE HERE PLEASE.

If you do decide to keep your pet in the room at the party make sure they are fed before guests arrive and have a goodie on hand for them to enjoy while your guests are around. This will make it special for them too & they’ll behave better.

Holidays are a FANTASTIC time of the year, but they can be exhausting. So just keep that in mind for both of you and everything will be GREAT! 

Beijo’s Corner is here to serve you in all of your pets needs! We love what we do and cherish our pet community. Know you are loved and appreciated beyond words!!!



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“I Just Gotta Be MEEE!…”

















Would you take a look at this! You know the owner of this pup was laughing when they took this picture. Pets effortlessly do the silliest things to make us smile… but honestly I truly believe they are just being themselves.

After all it’s probably that unique personality that drew you to them in the first place right?

This article is dedicated to celebrating all pets just letting it hang out & the owners who appreciate and adore them for doing so! Whether you have a Silly Willy like this pup or a Diva, Introvert, Party Boy etc. We appreciate them all!

When a pet shows you his or her true self it is because you have been accepted into their inner circle of trust and they know they are accepted and loved for who thy truly are. Is that AWESOME or what? We should never take that for granted.

To have the love the of a pet is genuine affection… they don’t know how to BS or deceive they either like you, accept you, get you or not. I wish some humans would catch onto this concept, I think the we would get along a lot better with one another if they did. 

Anyhow, why is it so important for a pet to be able to express who they truly are to you? Well for starters it”s a sign that they trust you, and that trust will be the foundation of everything you establish in your relationship with them.

Training them will be a lot easier because they instinctively will want to please you and in turn listen to you. Not to mention a happier pet lives longer and is healthier… it’s been scientifically proven you know.

Having a pet is true heart therapy for  you they give far more to us than we give to them. The benefits of having a pet has been shown to drastically improve your mood, your health and increase your life’s span… COOL HUH?

Usually when your pet feels comfortable with you’ll feel comfortable also. Did you know most people that are close to their pets talk over serious issues and challenges they are facing in their lives before anyone else? It’s true and I’m not afraid to admit I’m one of them.

Pets listen without judgement and usually shorten your distress by just being themselves. Sometimes all of us just need to get it out and then we can muster up the courage to do whatever it is we’re facing.

The spiritual connection between pets & their owners fascinate me. I have personally experienced days when I needed to make decision … especially about taking a big step in my career I would come home and discuss it over with Beijo.

Now before you start to think I’m Bonkers Beijo didn’t answer me the way you’re probably thinking.

But he did listen and sometimes his purring was so soothing it put me to sleep and when I woke up I knew exactly what to do. Or sometimes he distracted me from being too serious and brought over a toy to play with and after romping & laughing with him things appeared a lot clearer to me.

Pets have a way of bringing out the best in all of us. So my best advice enjoy them and let them be who they are it’s a win, win for everyone involved. Not to mention a whole lot cheaper than a traditional therapist.

Laughter is good medicine! So the next time your pet does something silly, or engages you in play don’t deny them… they may just hold the clarity in their paws you’ve been struggling with or maybe just the break you needed that day.

As always we’d love to hear your pet stories and send your pictures to beijo@beijoscorner.com YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! Keep up the great work! We know you love your pets and we love you!

Remember Pets Rule!

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“Who said POTTY ACCIDENTS Were Just For Babies?…”








Oops! What is this I see on the floor? If this is happening at your house read on… They say you can’t teach an old dog (or kitty) new tricks, well I’m here to tell you YES YOU CAN!

Potty accidents occur for a number of reasons. I’m writing this article today because my phone has being ringing off the hook because my clients dog & cat babies (who aren’t babies by the way…) are having potty issues galore.

First things first, as a pet behaviorist I always check the obvious… your pets HEALTH. Schedule a visit to your vet to see if any physical conditions exists. Dogs & Cats can’t tell you “my tummy hurts,” or “you were gone too long and I couldn’t hold it”. So a thorough exam can identify conditions that cause Dog & Cats to behave differently.

In some cases blockages could be present, intestinal issues or even tumors. Many Cats & Dogs reach their golden years at age 7 or 8. Around that time you can expect to see a reduction in energy, maybe even a little mental confusion and occasionally house taining issues.

If Fido or Kitty gets a clean bill of health from your vet then the challenge you are having is probably emotional. In any case a bit of advice here is to have PATIENCE! Getting to this point didn’t happen overnight there were little signals I can promise you that were missed.

Understand at the core of this your pet wants attention from you and any attention even bad attention will cause this problem to become worse pets feed off our emotions. Now having said that let me assure you… I get it! Nobody wants to wake up to poop or pee in the house or come home to it.

So take a DEEP BREATH and we’ll get through this together. The first thing I do with my clients is determine what triggered the change in your pet. Behavior issues don’t occur over night. Small changes or big ones such as new food, new pet, a different routine in feeding, or house activities, a loved one in the house with an illness, or even a brand new baby.

All of these things and more can trigger such behavior. That’s why here at Beijo’s Corner we treat every pet as an individual with individual needs & personalities to get to the root of the challenge. We have a specific package for this particular issue that gets GREAT RESULTS for you & your pet call us and we’ll set you up immediately.

Anyhow, know your pet is intimately attached to you and if you react negatively this will increase their own anxiety and the problem will get worse I promise. So what do you do? (call me & book an appointment 310 743-9643) Take a deep breath and calm yourself. Let your pet know that you love them and we’ll fix this behavior together.

Remember that this is going to take time (not forever, but definitely not overnight) try to have a sense of humor and lighten up.

Go back to the basics, especially if this issue is with senior pets. Monitor your pets food & water intake. Select a gated off area or crate for this time of training. After your pet eats leave them in the place you’ve designated for potty breaks.

Give a treat after they use the bathroom for this season of training ONLY. Pretend that this is a new puppy for the moment and HAWK THEM CLOSELY. Take them to their potty place every 2 to 3 hours. Is this a pain?… YES! but I promise it will work if you work it! It’s just a season.

Make sure you feed them at the same time everyday, Consistency is everything!

Also monitor their water intake especially before bedtime. If you have the space, I suggest a designating a indoor space as well as outside separated by a baby gate or a room and cover the space with puppy pads (For a cat this is a little different call me and we’ll discuss it) this will make clean up less of a hassle.

Above all remember your pet loves you and always wants you to be pleased with them. So in undesirable moments such as these treat your pet like they are a child or elderly parent and don’t loose your cool!

Every relationship we have has imperfect moments whether with pets or with people & at the end of the day love is the key that heals us all.

We’re here for you guys! If you do have this challenge or know someone who does Help is only a phone call away 310 743-9643 Remember Pets Rule!

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“Does Your Pet Have BRAT Tendencies?…”








HA! HA! HA! The pic for this article really made me laugh. Pets do the silliest, most hilarious things sometimes. So the question remains does your pet have BRAT tendencies? I bet I know the answer it’s a big fat YES! Of course they do.

Pets have sooo much personality. They can pout, beg, then pout again when they don’t get their way. Manipulate, get cranky, frustrated, sad, angry and everything else a feeling being does. 

I’ll share one of Beijo’s BRAT moments. Every Friday is tuna day at our house, it lasts all the way through sunday. Beijo gets a heaping tablespoon of one of his favorite fish and boy does he look forward to it. Every once and awhile he tries to pull a fast one.

He doesn’t dare try this on me but my husband is the one he targets. Yep, that’s right my husband Michael is the softy in the family and Beijo knows it. Beijo will wait until I’m out of the kitchen and out ear range and look for the opportunity for Michael to be in the kitchen alone & then start with his sweet kitten voice meowing softly (this always melts Michael to the floor).

Michael will try his best to be strong and say, “NO Beijo, it’s only Tuesday and you have to wait until friday.” At that moment the meowing increases it’s cuteness pitch with an additional wide eyed stare and a soft caress with his body around his legs.

“Beijo NO!.. Michael says,” and then it’s “Aww you poor little starving kitty, you want your tuna now don’t you?” I’ll be in the back of the house listening to this conversation and sending STRONG mental strength to Michael BE STRONG don’t give in!

All of the sudden it gets quiet,… very quiet. I emerge from the back of the house to the kitchen and wouldn’t you know it Beijo has gotten his way and Michael has given in… SUCKER! Well, maybe not sucker but I can definitely say Beijo has his daddy wrapped around his paw.

I know my house isn’t the only one that has these types of scenarios occurring. Pets know how to get what they want and who will give it to them. Don’t get me wrong I have softie moments too, but I try to maintain some discipline in our spoiled little kitties diet so things don’t get out of hand… if you know what I mean?

If Beijo had his way he’d get tuna everyday and then it wouldn’t be special anymore. Not to mention we’d have a very fat cat and we don’t want that (a little chub is cute but let’s not get out of hand) It’s amazing to see Beijo’s little brain thinking and strategizing his next move. I swear it makes me laugh, I admire his intelligence so much.

The bond between you & your pet is so precious, you really learn to know each other very well. To the pet owners out there that have more than one pet in their households. Life must really get interesting at your house (Beijo is a only child by the way).

I always tell multiple pet owners to try their best to keep everything fair to the best of your ability for the sake of balance. Because yes, pets do get jealous and then things could really get ugly and nobody wants that. There has to be a perfect harmony of balance between discipline & indulgence.

They have to respect you as the head, the Alpha of the home. When this balance is done correctly everybody knows their place things go a whole lot smoother for all of you. As always try your best every effort counts! Always spoil them rotten with love, kindness and respect!

We’d love for you to share your pets BRAT moments with us! In the meantime Enjoy the video & Remember Pets Rule

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“Do They Know You APPRECIATE Them?…”












Did you know animals all animals can express appreciation? Well they can… In fact I believe in most cases they are better than humans.

If you’ve ever had the privilege of adopting a rescue whether from a shelter or or off the streets (like Beijo was) you will see in the eyes of that animal how grateful they are, and the affection & loyalty you will receive is just the tip of the iceberg of how close they are going to bond with you for years to come.

Animals are so much more capable than being cute or a guardian for the house and yard. The depth of their love astounds me.

Even if they have been horribly treated and abused, or if they have witnessed some horrific act like this baby elephant did when his mother was killed by poachers. They still have the ability to forgive and trust over time if given a chance.

Love can be communicated through all living beings & all living beings are worthy of love and respect.

So this is just a reminder… Seeing as though Beijo’s Corner has the most awesome community of animal lovers on the planet gathered together in one place. I know that you guys get it.

Just do me a favor when you finish this article and your personal pet comes over to greet you… look in those beautiful eyes and see the soul looking back at you with absolute devotion and unconditional love… Just say THANK YOU I see you & I love and appreciate you deeply.

I know most of you already do this so I don’t mean to insult or be all bossy or anything… but just as a reminder.

Our pets give us sooo much and really ask little in return. In this world of ups and downs it’s nice at the end of the day you’re never alone because they are there. No matter what kind of day you’ve had they are ALWAYS happy to see you, always happy to have you around. Now I ask you how precious is that?

Makes me a little speechless when I look at my Beijo. Thanks for taking the time to read this and bond with me. Remember until next time PETS RULE XOX!

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