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BEIJO enjoying his daily dose of PROTANDIM

Take A Peek and see how much BEIJO enjoys his PROTANDIM. I swear he’d eat the whole bottle if I let him… and so will your pet!

PROTANDIM is made for ALL MAMMALS which include pets! Get yours today and start experiencing the great health benefits of this product now MEOW! 


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 Now that your furry family members on their way to a healthier lifestyle what about you?…

PROTANDIM – Where Nature & Breakthrough Science Result In Excellent Health & Well Being For You and Your Pets.

The natural way to promote and attain whole body health by reducing and eliminating oxidative stress and restoring back the youthful health you once had… Or acquire health you’ve never had.

In any case it will put the PEP back in your step!


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                                                     Left – Pet formula (good for all mammals)

Right People formula


True Science Cream – Fountain of youth in a bottle! WOWSA! this product is PROTANDIM IN A CREAM & does for the outside what the supplement PROTANDIM does for the inside.

True Science – Reduces oxidative stress on the skin by an average of 40% in 30 days. This product is a instant facelift in the bottle. It lifts sagging skin and diminishes wrinkles on contact and gets better with every application.

Not only does it improve your outer beauty but it helps with sunburns, melanoma and much, much more…. oh and did I mention it’s not just for your face but for all skin AWESOME!



Me with Jeanette (left) and Veronica (right) part of the BEIJO/PROTANDIM family!


“What’s with this little yellow pill?” This question gets asked ALOT!

PROTANDIM Stops, Slows down and Reverses oxidative stress in all mammals. Which causes us to age and in most cases produce disease.  This product is so AWESOME because #1 IT’S ALL NATURAL and it works with your bodies own genes to repair itself! Wanna Know More?… Check out the video’s below!



Below is a ABC Primetime Special that was done on Protandim and goes into detail about it and the television host who experienced it first hand and had awesome results! ENJOY

Here It Is… TA DAAA! Pet Protandim (This PROTANDIM is just like the human formula except for bacon flavoring – so your pets will enjoy the taste) 

GOOD FOR ALL PETS ! (Warm Blooded Mammals only)

Check out DUKE’S story… PLEASE watch his inspiring road to recovery. Because of PROTANDIM his owners can truthfully say… NEVER GIVE UP!


Check out “Happy’s” Healing Testimonial about using PROTANDIM! Happy is a 11 year old Senior Beijo Buddy and developed a severe case of arthritis that his vet said needed surgery to correct… but because of his age he probably would survive the surgery. Then his owner put him on PROTANDIM & now he’s totally HEALED! 


This JASMINE’S Story. They had given up on her and were ready to have her put to sleep… But because of PROTANDIM she’s now been given a new spring in her step… see for yourself


See “Zoe’s” complete transformation! Seniors love PROTANDIM!

Be Inspired by LANA’S story of recovery…

We’re sooo excited to be offering this product!

Whether you or your pet is young or old this natural herbal supplement will help maintain a healthy, vibrant, energetic life while extending your life’s span and everyone wants that right?

 – Reduces oxidative stress                                                                                                        

– Supports brain, heart and eye functions

– Supports normal joint function, mobility and flexibility

– Supports cognitive function



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