Testimonials For PET Behavioral/Whispering Consultations & Children’s Book Series “Adventure’s Of Beijo The Brave”

Pet Behavioral/Whispering Consultations

Meet Jasmin, Thermo and Parents Michele & Richard


Meet Carole, Joe(Parents) & the Crew




I met DANIELE LARGO outside my bank about a year and a half ago. She had such a beautiful, uplifting energy about her. I thought she was so beautiful and happy, and I just wanted to get to know her. She has such an inviting demeanor; we just started talking. Somehow we ended up talking about dogs.

She is a remarkable person and dog whisperer extraordinaire. We have three cute little white rescue dogs and have been putting up with a lot of mischief from them. We’d call one and he/she would turn and walk the other way; plus, two different dogs each thought they were the alpha! We had toileting problems, too much unwanted barking, they were impossible to walk, you get the picture. We love them so much – Jack, J.J. and Kate. We’re planning to move sometime soon, and for so long I’d been thinking about what to do about our doggie situation. I knew I needed to do something – SOON. Sweet Daniele had been keeping in touch with me during the gap since meeting, but momentarily I had forgotten about Danielle’s special talent. Surprise, she called me the next day!

Since we started working with Daniele things have really changed around here. We see the changes as each day goes by. Joe and I have worked with the dogs in all the ways she has taught us and it has really paid off. Yes, people need to get engaged in the learning process along with their pets. We have learned so much about understanding dog behavior, an essential part of having a great relationship with your precious baby. Danielle is so in-tune with our dogs and the ways we all relate together, that she understands what’s going on with all of us. They each have different issues and they all love Daniele. They are anxious to please her, and now they focus with us much better also. Each one has really stepped up and they are falling into line as a cohesive family unit. We already have less barking, less toileting problems, less jealousy, and more obedience. Our home is happier and calmer thanks to this special lady.

We highly recommend her for anyone having problems with their animals, or, if they just want to have a better trained dog, or other issues. Daniele has also helped our doggies, and Joe and I to better health with the Protandim she carries. What a difference! She has so many great ideas that have helped us accomplish our goals, for our doggies and ourselves. We couldn’t be happier that we engaged Daniele to help us.

Call Daniele, she’s worth more than you can imagine…you won’t be sorry!

With Gratitude,
Carole and Joe Wike


Meet Claire (Parent) & Lex

photo 1





Lex is a miniature Australian Shepherd with major anxiety issues. When we got him he wouldn’t let anyone pet him… He was terrified of people. If we were inside he ran out the doggie door outside. If we went outside he ran inside of the house. This went on for months.

Finally I found Daniele and she began working with Lex. Now he knows his training commands. He’s like a brand new dog he let’s me and company pet and hand feed him he’s very social now (Unbelievable!).

Daniele has an amazing way with animals they simply adore her she has a talent for bringing even the most withdrawn pet of or their shell. . I would highly recommend her to anyone who has pet challenges. Lex still has a way to go… but he’s totally improved drastically from when we got him.

Thank you Daniele
Claire & Lex



Children’s Book Series “Adventure’s Of Beijo The Brave”






I just read “Adventures of Beijo the Brave “Backyard adventure, and speaking from an adult’s perspective I think this is a pretty awesome book! I read everything myself before I read to my little one and the story is great.

It just draws you right in and of course I just love “Speaking from a Pets Perspective.” There is just so much to know and learn about pets. I’d like to see more if this kind of reading for children.


A friend of mine told me about this book and I read her copy and thought it was very cute. It actually held my attention. I checked out the wed site and I was amazed.

It’s more than a children’s book. It talks about pets and gives you ideas on how to care for them. Compassion for animals, music relaxing your pet, I’m Impressed. I will tell people about this book. I’ve joined the website too.

~Robert  T

Great book. Love how the website is connected.


I was given this Promo Card? A card with pictures and info about this book “Adventures of Beijo the Brave” and the website. The card had illustrations from the book, which I thought was pretty neat.

I went to the website and I think it’s great. I have children and I am an animal lover. I like what I see and I am ordering a book for myself, and a book for my sister.

~Lisa Smith

Dear Daniele,

You may not remember me. I saw you at Trader Joe’s you were talking to someone about your book. I over heard you and asked if you had an extra copy and I asked you to sign it.

Any way I just love the book and my daughter like it read to her every night. She said Beijo is her new best friend. The CD is lovely. I want to thank you for being so nice to me. You are a wonderful person. The book is magnificent and I will tell everyone I know about it. I joined the website too.

Forever a Beijo fan Monica and Yolanda

When I was tucking my daughter in bed she asked me to read her a story. I picked up Adventures of Beijo The Brave. As I was reading she began to ask me questions about Beijo. I was surprised how interested she was.

It was wonderful how we were interacting with each other and the book. She never ask about other book characters when I read to her. For a book to get her attention like that it has to be good and it comes with a CD too. When I’m driving I put the CD in and it keeps her entertained.  “Adventures of Beijo The Brave” is a Masterpiece.


6 Responses to Testimonials

  1. mike says:

    absolutely enjoyed every word and every photo that VERY MUCH speaks for itself.
    WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD THIS IS WITH OUR LITTLE FRIENDS thank you bringing them respect as well as love and giving them a voice!
    WAY TO GO! It is obvious this is your passion, thanks again for your time and effort.
    YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lorene Curry says:

    I was so excited to see my granddaughter’s reaction when she received her gift of
    “Adventures of Beijo the Brave”. She began squealing and wanted to hear it right-away. She sat there with the biggest smile the whole time, then she began to clap her hands while
    enjoying reading aloud! I really love how this isn’t just a cute book and how it engages a child’s attention with the coloring and the contest inside, keep up the great work! Looking forward to what else you have up your sleeve.

  3. Margie Houston says:

    All of my grandchildren (6) come to my home after school. They are a noisey bunch.
    When the CD began to play, they all sat silently. They have been listening to it every
    day, while my oldest read the book. This is such an attention holder! Thank you for creating something that gives us parents a true break. I know when they enjoy the book and website they are being exposed to something I can trust.

  4. Lisa says:

    The Book is a godsend. My daughter is just learning to read. I have mountains of books for her but she chooses beijo’s Backyard Adventures. She reads the words that she knows and I read the rest. Such wonderful bonding time. I’m so grateful for you Daniele Gob Bless you for what you are doing! Lisa

  5. Joy says:

    First of all let me say I love your website. I am a faithful follower and have been since day 1. I just recently purchased a book and i love it. I don’t have any kids just pets but I do babysit for a friend and read to her. She’s at the perfect age to be taught how to be humane to animals. Absolutely love the movement. Keep up the good work. Joy

  6. Mary Rall says:

    Daniele, I know how great your book is. Yesterday, a pastor came to visit and the subject of “Beijo’s Backyard Adventure” came up. I showed him my book and he was so excited. On his next trip to Texas, where he goes often to minister, he wants to take several books with him to distribute and sell. He said, You know this is really need down there. He sat and read the entire book. You are so great. Love your website.

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