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Free, Fun PROTANDIM Event! Check out the Fantastic testimonials & results from using Protandim


What an awesome, fun event full of great info. for your furry family members!



Me waiting in the green room to be interviewed on the “Larry As Is Radio Show”

LISTEN IN and ENJOY the interview!

YOU GUYS ROCK!!! There were sooo many Beijo Corner fans calling in and online that you guys jammed the cue! Thanks for participating with us and making this an AWESOME experience.

By popular demand we’ve been asked BACK Stay Tuned MEOW!


A Touch of Summer – Beijo’s Fountain Of Youth!

Come take a peek into tranquility with “Beijo” as he partakes in one of his favorite past times…


Pet Whispering Event at Camp-Run-A-Mutt/Southbay

VIDEO IN IT’S ENTIRETY 1 Hour and 14 minutes ENJOY!

Sat. Jan 12, 2013 – Pet Whispering Event at Camp-Run-A-Mutt/Southbay facility

WOW! we had an awesome event with LIVE pet whispering on the spot. Check it out! Maybe some of your challenges you’re facing with your furry family members got addressed… Enjoy!


Live Book Reading of  “Adventure’s Of Beijo The Brave”

See the beloved book from the series of 10 “Adventure’s Of Beijo The Brave” come to life. Pages from the book are blown up on a screen for all to enjoy and the story is narrated by yours truly & the Beijoettes enjoy!
“Cat & Dog Whispering LIVE Speaking Engagement”

Pets driving you crazy?… Well you really need to check this out and don’t miss the next opportunity to attend our next C & D Whispering Speaking Engagement to understand, communicate and connect with your furry family members.


“WHAT YOU’LL GET” when you work with us

Welcome to Beijo’s Corner! So what exactly is “Beijo’s Corner? We are a movement that provides a loving environment to promote humane treatment of animals & celebrate pets!

So… how do we do this? There are several tools we use.

1. Joining our emailing list on – This where you will receive informative monthly articles about our furry family members ( or in some cases not so furry ) and any other “Beijo” updates and FREE GOODIES!

2. The book series of 10 “Adventure’s Of Beijo The Brave”. The first book – “Backyard Adventure” ( available on “Beijo’s Corner Store” along with other “Beijo” themed goodies for purchase ).

3. “Beijo’s Buddies” This where you send a picture of your beloved pet and a little info about them and we put them in the spotlight on because we believe every pet is a SUPERSTAR and needs a place to shine!

4. You can book live readings from the book with us for a school or any event of your choosing.

5. Live Events such as – Speaking Engagements, Pet Adoptions, block parties, “Beijo” buddy rescue etc…

7. “Beijo Tip Of The Week” This is where you receive weekly video tips from us to pamper and better care for your pet.

8.  Cat & Dog Behavioral/Whispering Consultations Please visit and get the HELP you Want, Need & deserve TODAY or call 310 743-9643

*10. Pet Portraits ( Stay tuned we will be officially adding this soon to the website as part of our services ).

Did you know animals + children = balanced, happy, respectful beings? Children that are raised with animals generally tend to be more caring and less self centered.


Just For Laughs

Beijo’s hair restoration treatment… I tell you it’s better than Rogain!